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Enamel Pins for Silent Story by Katie m. Berggren - Limited Edition

Enamel Pins for Silent Story by Katie m. Berggren - Limited Edition

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Katie m. Berggren's Silent Story is a wordless journey of loss and compassion in an art-filled, high-quality book... now you can choose Limited Edition Enamel Pins featuring The Seeker comforting New Friend ♥

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The Silent Story art book is a zoomed-back view of how the unexpected ending of a friendship can cause confusion, shame and hurt. Through vulnerable and relatable character artwork, Silent Story takes its character from a state of joy, through loss and pain resulting from a break-up. This book is a hold-able journey through loneliness and confusion, heartbreak and silence... ending with renewed hope, happiness, companionship and contentment. You are not alone.

The pages of Silent Story will bring us out of the dark and visually inspire us as to how our heart may go from broken, to healing, to healed-with-scars and ready for new friendship. Silent Story allows the viewer to recognize their own experience through the artwork, without telling what should be felt or said.

This silent visual narrative of happiness and disappointment has reached collectors’ hearts, and is told through colorful and emotional paintings of a vulnerable subject named The Seeker. The Seeker was first created in 2007 by Katie m. Berggren, see the evolution of The Seeker here.


A Note From Katie:

The Silent Story project is ALWAYS on my mind, I see my Seeker everywhere and in everyone. She is the core heart and spirit of us, the emotional and vulnerable being that is not hidden by our hairstyles, body flub, clothing choices, make-up and accessories. 

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