Loss & Hurt ~ Finding Purpose In Pain ~ Trust Through Vulnerability

I have 2 special somethings to share with you today:
1) Taking the long view of loss & hurt… new project

2) A new painting for the Wild Tenderness Collection…


1) Taking the long view of loss & hurt…

I’m working on something new… to honor our vulnerability… we are wound-able. We feel ALL the emotions, sometimes all of them in one day.

I’m most known for painting light emotions, but I thrive on creating from the dark ones, as well.

This new body of work I’m dumping myself into is completely self-imposed. This project has my heart. Wrangles my heart, squeezes and challenges my heart. It is requiring that I steep myself in past pains, but I am healing through creation. I have found purpose in my pain, as they say.

Read my upcoming weekly emails and you will soon know the heart of this project, you will then know my heart. You will see where this is leading, and I am honored to take you with me.

May we heal, together. Stepping back & taking the long view of loss & hurt.

These paintings will become a book. A Silent Story.

I can see only 2-3 steps in front of me, like naked toes along a dark path, but I’m determined to find the way and follow it as best I can. So yes, at some point: a journey in book-form.

Each week I’m going to show you one+ painting from this growing body of work. They are not available for purchase at this time, but if there is one that you ‘need’ let me know and I’ll keep that in mind.

As I look at these paintings, I recognize the human journey from ups to downs and back again, and you should be allowed tokens of your journey, too.

painting of loss, grief, sadness and betrayal by Katie m. Berggren, www.KmBerggren.com


2) The Wild Tenderness Collection of Paintings is in process

RECAP: Before I started painting motherhood I drew and painted whimsical multitudes of animals and birds… When I became a mother… you know the rest. For a new adventure I’m bringing these two subjects together for the Wild Tenderness Collection.

These paintings will all be released together on January 30. Into my Online Studio Shop. They will all be released at one moment, these one-of-a-kind original paintings on heavy paper.

Since you are on the email list, you will be kept updated of this special release and notified when the paintings are ready.

Today I have a new addition to show you… Trust Through Vulnerability. Many folks gave their feedback on my Instagram Stories as I worked through this quiet little fox. THANK YOU.

girl and fox, painted fox, baby fox, little girl and butterfly, painted moth, blue eye fox painting, child and animal painting

That’s it, you have enough to do today, so go for it.

I look forward to hearing from you – those that are pulled to write me back.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end.
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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