Angel Baby, Listen, Feeling Worthless: more Silent Story

I have two special somethings to share with you today (three, really!)

  1. Listening To My Heart & Wings Of A Dream – two new paintings
  2. More from my Silent Story


1) Two Brand New Original Paintings

Wings Of A Dream (on the right)
Available 10×10 inch Original Painting
$290 USD, free global shipping (with promo code SHIPLOVE)

The mother and the winged child – connecting, with babe close by, spreading magic and love onto mama. This piece can make some uncomfortable, the whole idea of looking at a winged child who has moved on from mama’s arms – but for the mothers who need this imagery, I am honored to share. I’m honored to provide a visual for what your heart desires. A little loved one who is always in your heart, always on your mind. On beautiful wings, on the edges of dreams.


Listening To My Heart (on the left)
SOLD Original Painting ~ Prints Available

A sweet double message – we all need to do this more, listen to our OWN hearts… follow the internal small voice. AND, the moment when a child is contented just to be with us, only to be against us… we need more of those moments, too. Skin to skin and heart to heart, with a symphony of love filling the room.


2) Silent Story won’t let me go

When collectors (a husband and wife) came to my studio last weekend, he looked at the Silent Story paintings and said “when I look at these, I feel like I’m not alone in the way that I sometimes feel…” Chills.

On Monday, I saw a 40-something, bearded, larger man pumping gas, and talking quietly to himself… not in a crazy way, but more in a ‘working something out’ way. I felt he might be sad. One second later, I thought “he might need my Silent Story… maybe it could give him a little comfort…

While walking on the waterfront last weekend with my family, we passed a man walking with his friend. I could see him tapping his underarm as we walked toward him. Then he went from his under arm to his collarbone and then to his forehead, still tapping. I felt like I was in on a little secret, and I whispered excitedly to my husband, “he’s TAPPING!!” (EFT has helped me in the past, too). 

Over an hour later, we passed this man again, going in the opposite direction. He was still talking under his breath and tapping. My first thought was “OK, buddy that might be a little excessive… but whatever you need.” Then it occurred to me that I wished I could hand him my Silent Story… something that shows him that he is not alone in his troubled time…

I’ve taken several weeks off working on my Silent Story, to work on Wild Tenderness and several custom paintings. I have worried that I will let this project slip away.

But CLEARLY she is still calling to me, and based on the responses I’ve received via email, she’s calling to others as well. CLEARLY she’s reminding me that this project has a purpose. I will listen and continue. 

Last night I put the paintings back in front of me and created two images of my girl doing yoga. Yoga helped heal me in my times of need.

Above is an image from the project… sometimes it is hard to see the value in ourselves. We can be tricked into thinking we are a waste of time, worthless, ugly. May we realize that the rain clouds, the mucky puddles, the actions and words of others, DO NOT define us. Hold onto your shine even just the wispy tail of it, when you are lost in the gray. The gray goes away. The sun does come back.

Thank you for hanging on here with me. Soon, I want to show you the paintings from the Silent Story project that are inspired by feeling blue/hurt/drab/betrayed whilst STILL needing to be a good mother…

Let me know your thoughts, ideas. I LOVE hearing from you!
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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