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Buying from Katie is like having a best friend who happens to be incredibly talented and whom I love to purchase things from. Her customer service is so personal that I feel I should have her over for mimosas. And her artwork… well that just speaks for itself. Thanks Katie, for being so awesome. May you continue creating special moments for many many years to come.” ~ Carolina in California



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"I stumbled upon Katie Berggren's work and fell in love instantly. I messaged her for a suggestion and she was wonderful to work with. Katie provided suggestions and worked with me on things such as changing the mother's hair color. If you like the work online you will LOVE it when you see it in person. This is a piece I will treasure for years to come!" ~ Antonia







“A mama’s heart can be so strong and tender at the same time. Sometimes it needs some calming images to remind her to slow down, and to enjoy the little days. They only last so long. I love Katie's art, it speaks from her heart.” ~ Lyndsay






I was moved to tears yesterday looking through the prints that I selected.. I had seen each one previously, yet physically holding such beauty in my hands it was as if I was seeing each print for the first time again… My baby girl wandered over to see what momma was gazing so intently at & let out an “awwww”. Then, I opened the calendar… gasp, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I was torn between hurriedly flipping through the months to see which prints were chosen and savoring each delicious scene. From the transformational momma art to the quality of the products to the packaging to the handwritten notes… I was left without breath & silently fulfilled. Thank you a million times more for doing what you do ever so elegantly.” ~ Brooke in Oklahoma








“I could not be more happy with these prints!! The quality is amazing and I can’t believe how fast they shipped! Now if only the frames I ordered would hurry up and get here! Thank you so much!!” ~ Kristen, North Carolina






"Katie's art has always reached into me and touched my center, the place I go when I am quiet and peaceful in this world. I pick and choose what I purchase from her, but I understand and feel all of her art. This book, A Silent Story, surpassed my expectations of her work and rose to another level for me. There is no outdoing this book, this art. There is only adding to the story. Thank you, Katie for your works and for having the courage and the wisdom to put them out there in the world, to speak to and soothe and celebrate those who understand. You are inspiring and you "know" me, regardless of the fact that we have never met in person." ~ T.S.



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 “I just received my beautiful painting. It is absolutely lovely. It feels as though it was created specifically for me. Thank you so much! My heart is singing with joy as I hold her in my hands. I can’t wait to expand my collection.” Parmis



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kmberggren review, km berggren review, km berggren testimonials, review kim berggren, review berggren




“I just unwrapped Smelling the Flowers and it took my breath away!! Thank you! Truly, truly, beautiful, inspired work you are doing! Love the magnet and notecards too! Thank you!” ~ Erin




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“This is an amazing one of a kind print that touched my heart and meant something to me as soon as I saw it. I received this print only two days after ordering it, shipping is amazing! Additionally, this seller is quite obviously very talented, as well as kind, and I am very much looking forward to buying more of her prints! Thank you so much!!!” ~ Shannon, New Jersey





“Even after so many years, and purchasing a few of your pieces, I still find so much joy in your art. I sometimes come to see your new pieces or look at the ones I have on my wall and feel my heart filling to the brim. Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us.” ~ A.K.



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"Stunning, I can't stop looking at these BEAUTIFUL prints. The colors are STUNNING! I couldn't be happier and they were shipped very fast and packaged extremely well! Thank you so much, I'm placing another order!" ~ Stacy




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 "My mom was very touched by this print and the note you included. She was even convinced the note was in my hand writing :) Thank you for helping us connect even though half way across the world from each other!" ~ Elizabeth



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“Natural Magic arrived today! I fell in love with it as you posted progress on Facebook, but I have to say that the original far exceeded my expectations. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The subtle detail that is added from the brush strokes and texture just don’t come through in a picture. I can’t even begin to express how happy it makes my heart to look at your art. The painting has found a home on my piano with the prints I already had. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.” ~ Erin in Indiana



"Love me some Katie m. Berggren art! So beautiful. Perfect for my home and my son loves “his” painting. A small piece of mama that will remind him of my love for generations to come!" ~ Danielle A.



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“Words cannot describe what I felt when I opened the box. I have been blown away by this painting, and it is more impressive in person! You captured our relationship and my feelings perfectly. Our nursing relationship is “beyond expectations” and so is the painting! It is exactly what I was hoping for when I commissioned the painting. Thank you so so much!! You are a truly talented artist and a joy to work with!” ~ A.L., Dallas, TX









“Katie, Just wanted to let your know the painting you did for my husband’s 40th birthday was a huge success. He and I love “Three By The Sea”. We are now looking for a place a honor in our home to proudly display it. Thank you for capturing us so beautifully. We will treasure your painting dearly!” ~ Leah



"Just wanted to let you know I got the package yesterday and so far I think it’s literally the most beautiful thing I have ever received! The art is just amazing! I am thankful and can’t thank you enough for the cards which also came with the package! You are so sweet!" ~ R.I.






“As a mother of three, co-sleeper, baby wearer and breast feeder I was immediately drawn to Katie’s work. When I came across this painting, it just spoke to my soul. It portrays one of those moments when a snuggle with your child transcends everything and you can feel the love pouring out of your heart, connecting you and your child in an indescribable way. Beautiful piece.” ~ Kathleen in Pennsylvania






"There are no words for how incredibly beautiful and deeply moving these prints are- I knew i would absolutely love them, but I honestly was not prepared for the emotional intensity and the visceral pull that came along with discovering this powerful work in-person, and for the first time... I can't thank Katie enough - for her vision, her talent, her artistic courage, and her obvious and most palpable love of being the kind of mother she so obviously is - one who is both inspired AND inspiring... what a force she and her work are. I will definitely be back, as I hope to be able to surround myself with this singularly beautiful artwork." ~ SBL





“This will be my first of many purchases from the Katie m. Berggren Online Studio Shop. First, the quality is unbeatable. It’s just so well made. The art is just so unique and original. I found myself somehow relating to every single picture and looking in amazement at the breathtaking time and talent put into every piece she does. I loved the calendar because I can look forward to having a new month to look at all year long. I’m just in awe of her work and can’t wait to see what she does next!” ~ Jennifer in Missouri






“I can’t say enough about this painting. I believe that Katie has a calling to all mothers. She has perfectly depicted me and my four daughters in this print. I know that my girls will one day want this for themselves. Thank you, Katie.” ~ Diane in Florida






“I look forward to giving your work as gifts. There is such a genuine sensitivity, talent, beauty and warmth in it — everyone is deeply touched by it.” ~ Anchita in California



"You are spreading motherhood love to so many countries! I love how your works are so universal and can speak to mothers in so many languages." ~ Angela Gotz



“Just ordered another of your beautiful prints – thanks again for so perfectly capturing my feelings about each of my children - I eventually want a print for each child that depicts some wonderful moment or emotion - it’s amazing how I can see one of your pics and know instantly which of my children it brings to mind - today I purchased “stillness and motion” because it so accurately captures the spirit and energy of my beautiful 7 year old! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Also, now that I’m a grandmother I look forward to purchasing one for my daughter and granddaughter too.” ~ Dianna










“I got the painting in the mail and was going to wait until Mother’s Day to open it but that lasted about an hour and I went ahead and made it my early Mother’s Day gift ♥ It was even more beautiful to see it in “real life” than on the computer. Thank you so much. My baby daughter has already figured out that it represents “mom”, “Day-day” (her brother Damon) and “momma” (which is what she calls herself!). It’s been a pleasure working with you the past few weeks and it is exactly what I was hoping to get. I am definitely a huge fan of your work (and I’m not much of an artsy person so that says a lot).” ~ Annette in Germany






"How do you describe art that hits your heart 💜 so hard that it makes tears flow? To capture a moment of motherhood so emotionally is Katie’s talent. I love feeling her brushstrokes. Knowing that each one is so intentional. Like I somehow get to connect with her and what she was feeling when she painted this piece (and the many others I own from her). I’m on my journey breastfeeding my last baby. She is my catalyst to my next stage in life. As much as I nurture her in that first image I need her holding me just as much as she grows in the second. Katie just 'gets' those moments." ~ Lyndsay Carlson



“I received Sweet Talk (original painting) today and words just do not express how beautiful she is and how much I am in love with her! I fell in love with just the picture, but the actual painting is 10 times more beautiful than the picture. I was definitely like a kid at Christmas opening her! My daughter, who is 6, took one look and said ‘Beautiful, it’s me and you!’ I feel exactly the same:) Thank you again for letting me claim her! She will be cherished always.” ~ Lorelei in New Mexico



mother and father kissing, family painting, mother and children art




This painting is by far the most beautiful thing I have seen. It was masterfully done and will be a great addition to our wall. We are looking forward to adding more of these paintings to our collection.” ~ John Carter





 “Hi Katie, I just wanted to tell you that I love my painting you made. Every time I walk past it, it just makes me smile and fills my heart. I hope you realize just what an amazing talent you have and I’m so grateful you are sharing it with the world. Thank you!” ~ Jaynee in Washington



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 “Hi Katie, I received Infinite Love yesterday and I am over the moon! It’s breath taking! The kids and I looked at it all night propped in the den. I can’t thank you enough ~ you managed to capture us in the painting so beautifully. I’m so thankful to you for doing this for our family and I feel lucky to have your beautiful work in our home.” ~ Alex in Tennessee





“Katie was such a pleasure to work with. She accommodated my special request with ease and in turn, allowed me to present the amazing women in my life with a heartfelt and personal gift. I will absolutely be returning to Katie’s shop for my future needs. Thank you so much!!” ~ Emilie in Wisconsin



"Such amazing customer service!!! Thank you so much for shipping this as a gift, my friend has received the print and promptly went out to get a new frame for it, she loves it! I'm looking forward to ordering myself some of your art and will definitely be recommending you to all my mama friends! Thank you so much!" ~ Kimberly



 “Fresh arrived today and oh my…I thought the prints of your work were beautiful, but they don’t compare to the originals! (Of course, I still think they’re beautiful, too!) It honestly made me gasp in amazement…so stunning. Thank you so much. I will definitely be saving my pennies for a larger original for a more prominent place in my home at some point!” ~ Aislinn in Texas





“Your work is so beautiful, celebratory, playful and hopeful. I also, feel that your work can speak to places of sorrow, places needing comfort or reminders of lives – either now grown beyond newborn or even lives gone but cherished completely.” ~ Laurie in Illinois




  custom art kmberggren, personalized family painting on canvas, personal customized original painting, original art for family kmberggren kim berggren



“Song In My Soul instantly caught my eye, it will be for the wall in my little office when I start working soon as an independent midwife. For me, it is like a mother who has just given birth and is picking up her baby and embracing it, just her and the new baby, undisturbed, and she looks so relaxed and happy. I thought this is my goal, my intention ~ to try and help a new mother be relaxed and content like that.” ~ Anne in Germany





"Oh my how I love your work. It seriously could not get any better than this! My package today was phenomenal and the cards are tear-worthy. I plan to frame all of them and hang them up my hallway leading to my girls' room. Such a soothing, loving ascent to bed each night. Many, many thanks. You are brilliant in your inspiration." ~ Dana



"This is the 4th print that I have purchased and as always, myself and my daughters and daughters-in-law have been over the moon happy with them. Katie has been incredibly helpful and kind as well as always responding to my questions promptly. She has gone out of her way to offer suggestions when I have had trouble finding the right print. I can't say enough good things about your company and will continue to buy and recommend you to friends and family." ~ Laurie





"This print was given as a gift to my lactation consultant and she absolutely loved it! We both thought it was beautiful and captured the wonderful bond between mother and child! Thank you for making such beautiful art! Will definitely keep your work in mind for other gifts!" ~ Kim 






"I treasure your art because of the art itself, but also because of the way it connects me back to the way I felt when my son was an infant. Thank you for capturing that feeling for me. My son just turned nine, and I treasure every age he becomes, but I purchased this canvas this year around his birthday in remembrance of that earlier time." ~ Terri



 "I just opened my painting. My heart flutters when I look at it. I could gaze at it forever. It just makes my mind think of beautiful tender moments. I am so thankful that I will get to treasure this forever. I know this was not a custom but I truly believe she was made for me... and that is so amazing. All I see is love and my babies. I love the meaning behind the painting and the name of it. It will remind me to slow down and enjoy my babies because we are enough and nothing else matters. I am thankful for that constant reminder. My husband was so impressed and just smiled when I showed him. He saw all of us in it for sure. And the wooden panel is so so beautiful. Thank you again. And thank you for making this experience wonderful. My two year old keeps pointing out who everyone is in the panting. And gets really proud. And my 7 month old just gets the biggest smile when I put him in front of it. Wild!" ~ Jillian S.






 “Thank you for the fast shipping and a personal touch. I am impressed with your work not only because you are a talented artist with a beautiful and unique style. I am impressed with the depth and clarity that you capture the emotions with. Your work has a beautiful and an important message that doesn’t need an interpretation. Your paintings are soothing, they make me slow down, they calm down my sometimes-anxious mother’s mind. They are like a lullaby for a parent’s soul. Thank you for choosing this path in your life and gently reminding us what really matters. Your mission is beautiful and very important. Thank you for touching my soul.” ~ Olga Stine 






"I just wanted to let you know my painting finally arrived today and it is more beautiful than I had even hoped - it’s amazing the difference the texture and paint and whatever else the magic is brings to the painting over a photo. It is like it is a living thing :) The painting is hanging in my lounge area and is already filling the room with love. Thank you again and I truly hope you got as much joy from painting it as we will living with it." ~ Charmain



“Your gentle reminder to see has me realizing that there is a path that can cut through darkness. I just have to stop in the moment and look at my daughter, look at her face, look in her eyes. Is she happy? I see JOY, Katie. I would have missed this if not for your reminder to see. Joy that has always been so fleeting, like a ray of sunshine that just barely got a chance to warm before it is gone behind the clouds again. I had accepted with resignation that joy is like a butterfly that you should never try to catch. I’ve always recognized that I struggle with being in the moment, being present now. Thank you for giving me that gift, a key. All I have to do to connect with love and joy is to simply refocus and ‘see’ that it is right there with me. Thank You, Katie. I can’t thank you enough for how your paintings have touched my life.”Dawn





"I never really connected with art - it always seemed out of reach… but now I understand. Your artwork literally took my breath. The faces, expressions, movement… suddenly I’m up in my baby's room holding her... I’m overwhelmed with emotion when I see some of your pieces… I'm desperately trying to not forget, and your artwork took me back instantly. Amazing." ~ Azelie



"Absolutely amazing! This is an incredible artist and an equally awesome seller. Communication is tops, she is the most helpful and pleasant person I have ever worked with. I cannot say enough about how awesome she is!" ~ Ben 



"My mom had a hard time catching her breath she loved it so much. Brought back many happy moments on Mother's Day."  ~ Sara 



"I adore my print - high quality EVERYTHING. The service & communication OUTSTANDING. The entire process of placing the order through to after-sale communication was a delight. THANKS!" ~ Mellissa






"I just HAD to let you know that my husband gave me the prints he ordered for me, and as soon as I opened the package that had the larger prints, I had tears. They are so beautiful and it caught me off guard that it would illicit such a strong response just by seeing them in person. Thank you so much, I love them! All of it ❤️❤️"  ~ Keisha




kmberggren testimonial, customer review of KmBerggren custom original family painting




“You have a great gift that you give us moms who find it hard to express in words the way we feel about everyday moments. Sometimes the moments happen so fast that we are not able to capture and soak them in. So when we see those moments in a painting, it fills in the missing pieces.” ~ Delana in Texas



"I have admired Katie's work for some time, an artist who captures the essence of motherhood and family togetherness.  My painting was a 50th birthday gift to myself, my three young children (my eldest being an Angel) and I am absolutely delighted with the finished work - a painting I will treasure, thank you, Katie." ~ Gail Miller



“Your artworks are the most stunning creations I have ever seen, so passionate and yet relatable. The emotions they evoke in me remind me of those I feel when I look at my son. Thank you for being so talented, your work really is a joy to look at!” ~ Lola, UK









“I feel deeply touched and moved by your work. The simplicity and richness, the depth and care, whimsy and strength. You portray nursing, cosleeping and nurturing — attachment, connection, devotion — as normal. These images are normalizing of my life. I love them!” Sheila in Pennsylvania



"This painting melts my heart. There is so much grace, beauty and love here, and an underlying feeling of honor for the divine aspects of femininity and motherhood. Thank you for sharing your cards with other prints of your art as well. These are very beautiful -- whether I frame them to display them or selectively share them with others I love, they will also helps increase the love and joy in my world. Thank you for your generosity. I would readily buy from this artist again. Lightning fast, safe shipping. Fantastic communication. High quality finished art." ~ Candy Peters



“I received my print, Lift me Up, and completely love it! It’s amazing how that really is ‘MY moment’! I have a beautiful little girl who has hair and the look of the little girl in the painting. It is such a blessing to find you and your beautiful paintings!” ~ Summer in South Carolina




"The most beautiful thing I have ever owned, it far surpassed my expectations. Katie was an absolute pleasure to deal with and her work is sublime." ~ Mireia in Italy 




"Katie was exceptional in her communication with me from the start. The personal touches she added to this print, made it a one of a kind gift that will be cherished as an heirloom in our little family for the rest of our lives, and beyond." ~ Matthew








"Katie’s art is the perfect expression of the human emotions of motherhood in graphical form. Anyone who beholds her paintings will feel the emotions she communicates. On top of that, the ability to customize the subjects really brings in a personal touch that strengthens the owner’s connection with the painting." ~ Omar








"I can't say enough how great Katie is as an artist and person. She went far above and beyond anything I would ever expect to make sure I was happy with my purchase. It's a beautiful painting that we will proudly display on our walls forever. I can't say it enough, Katie, thank you for your art and wonderful service and care in making sure I was completely satisfied with my purchase." ~ Corey








"This print and all the others convey exactly how I feel about my daughter. I am so glad to have found an artist who feels exactly the same and is able to paint it for all the world to see! These prints are amazing I love love love these!!" ~ Missi 







"The painting is so beautiful in person. There is so much happiness and calm. And thank you for the gifts you included with my purchase. Your paintings are beyond words. One can just keep looking at them and emotions will flow! Thank you for sharing your gift with so many people in this world!" ~ Shanthini




"I have to say that that this work of art truly spoke to my heart. I purchased it as a gift to my three year old daughter and to myself so that we can always reflect upon our many special times snuggling together. I am so thrilled to have found an artist who can accurately portray the profound love between a mother and her child." ~ Kristin



"As a woman who believes motherhood is the most important calling she can hear, Ms. Berggren captures the most beautiful parts of life in her paintings. I purchased Linger & Crush. The color, warmth, expressions of her subjects, absolute contentment, hearts melting for each other, the baby feeling pure safety, love, & protection, the mother feeling the powerful miracle in her midst. I can't describe with the words of an art critic, but you are witnessing Ms. Berggren's talent for capturing the mother/child bonding miracle on canvas. There isn't a doubt in my mind her work will appreciate tremendously as the years pass. Thank you, Katie. I wish my mom was still alive to share these prints with, she would have loved them." ~ Jenna






"Katie m. Berggren Fan for Life! I discovered Kate's work when my kids were little and I needed little reminders around my home to treasure the beauty of small moments and to be present. Now that my kids are older and heading into pre-teen and teenage years, I'm still drawn to Katie's work and I can't get over how perfectly she captured our family in our new custom ink drawing. I CHERISH IT!" ~ Bethany










"So beautiful, the online picture does not even come close to capturing the beauty of the piece. Plus, a whole bunch of great bonuses! Thanks very much." ~ Leslie




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