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If I missed any details, feel free to ask.


Yes, I offer Global Shipping! See details below.


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UK and EU customers◄ please shop in my 5-star Etsy shop for the same items shipped from my studio. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Etsy shop, please contact me. I will need to see a screenshot of your Shopping Cart items, or a list of what you'd like to order, then I can set up your items in the Etsy shop. 


►Other International Countries◄ You can check out normally in this shop, but contact me if you have any issues. I ship original paintings, prints of all sizes, charms and magnets all over the world. Original paintings larger than 24" across on one side have the canvas removed from the stretcher bars, and are rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube. The paintings can then be re-stretched onto new stretcher bars (frame) in an art or frame shop near your home. Original paintings smaller than 24" are shipped ready to hang. See the KmBerggren Global Client Map.


►Please note: shipping charges paid to the artist for the shipping and handling of the original painting or product does not include VAT Taxes, Import Fees, Customs Fees and Duties.


►VAT Taxes, Import Fees, Customs Fees and Duties are fees that are requested by your government, and are not connected to me as the business you purchased from. When you make your purchase, the shipping charges you pay are used for the postage costs to get your package from my studio to your city.


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