Custom, Personalized Paintings

Commission a custom original painting on canvas, inspired by the love in YOUR family. A meaningful and personal one-of-a-kind gift for mom, dad or as a family keepsake.

Email me for size & price options

Quick answers to your questions:

• Canvas sizes start at 8x8 inches ($275 USD) and go up to 48x48 inches with lots of options (not all squares) in between. My favorite sizes are 16x16 and 24x24 inches. Email me for size & price options.

• I work with clients ALL over the world, I ship globally. My clients and I communicate via email.

• I capture the emotion, warmth, love & connection within families in a stylized, whimsical and unique way, versus creating a photo-likeness. I invite you to send me as many photos as you choose, to inspire me.

• No surprises ~ we stay in touch throughout the whole process, I will email you images as your painting progresses, for your approval.

• The process requires approximately 3-8 weeks, depending upon the size you choose, then allow a few days for varnishing and packing before shipping. Rush options are available, just ask.


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Here is how the process for a Commissioned Painting works:

1) You choose a canvas size that will feature your painting,
Email me for size & price options.

2) I will email a simple contract and upon approval and a down payment of half of the painting price, I will get started on your sketch.

3) I will email you a sketch loosely showing my plan for your painting – upon approval of the sketch we will move forward to the next stage, which is brown and white paint on canvas.

4) Throughout the process, I will email progress photos so we can stay on the same page with your painting. As each stage is approved I will move forward.

5) Upon completion of your painting, I will send a final photo for your approval then I will varnish the whole surface, add a hanging wire and finish the edges of your painting.

6) The final half of the painting price (plus shipping and/or tax if applicable) is due and we will plan for delivery or shipping.

7) I will ship your painting to you. Let me know if you are located outside of the U.S. and I can give you some quotes for shipping in advance.

Click here to send me an email to receive prices and size options, as well as to ask any additional questions you may have.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: When I create a painting for a family, I focus on capturing the emotion and connection between family members ~ instead of a photo likeness. It is important to know that your finished original painting will be less of a family portrait and more of an emotional painting with depth and heart ~ inspired by YOUR family’s members, your family’s affection, closeness and coloring. I like to see photos in the beginning for inspiration, hair and eye color, and I like to know names and ages and anything else that is interesting about personalities. I strive to create a lovely, flowing, loving and emotional piece inspired by your family’s connection, versus a photo likeness.

Thank you for your interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



"I got the painting in the mail! It was even more beautiful to see it in 'real life' than on the computer. Thank you so much. My baby daughter has already figured out that it represents “mom”, “day-day” and “momma” (which is what she calls herself!). It’s been a pleasure working with you the past few weeks and it is exactly what I was hoping to get. I am definitely a huge fan of your work (and I’m not much of an artsy person so that says a lot – smile).”
~ Annette in Germany


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Paintings for each kid - family artwork gifts that can be passed down by KmBerggren, motherhood artist

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“Words cannot describe what I felt when I opened the box. I have been blown away by this painting, and it is more impressive in person!
You captured our relationship and my feelings perfectly. Our nursing relationship is “beyond expectations” and so is the painting!
It is exactly what I was hoping for when I commissioned the painting. Thank you so so much!! You are a truly talented artist and a joy to work with!”
~ A.L., Dallas, TX


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