customizable mother's day necklace, personalized jewelry for mom

Customizable Mother's Day Pendants - Silent Story

It's that time again. Plan ahead for Mother's Day!

Personalize a glass art pendant for yourself, or for your mom. Customize the hair coloring, the number of children (2-5 for this design), and the center glow color.

I can ship your finished pendant to YOU or straight to your mom, sister or friend, with a hand-written greeting card, as the pendants are ready to ship a few days after ordering. Add notes & addresses at checkout.

Hand-made upon order, with smooth domed glass and a textured Vintage Bronze OR Shiny Silver tray, these are a true piece of wearable handmade art.


personalized mom jewelry, custom necklace for mom


customizable mother's day necklace, personalized jewelry for mom


Place your order, and you will then receive an emailed proof of your pendant, before I create it. To be sure I have it just right :)


Hit "Reply" to this email if anything is unclear!


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customizable mother jewelry, glass art necklace for mom




~~~~ Silent Story Update ~~~~

 ghosted by a friend, sadness after breakup art therapy paintings

It’s been a year since I’ve shared my Silent Story book project with you – this is not a forgotten project. It has been on the burner, warming. I have 36 pages of art complete – and I intend for the book to have 72 pages – this book will be a hold-able journey from joy through loss and heartbreak, then back to joy and ending with hope.

For this project, I can see only 2-3 steps in front of me at a time, like naked toes along a dark path, but I’m determined to find the trail and follow it as best I can.


I’m most known for painting light emotions and whimsical love, but I thrive on creating from the dark emotions, as well. Indeed, my earliest works (early 2000s) were spurred by despair, worry and feeling alone. Stay-tuned for an upcoming email showing these early pieces.


As I spread these 36 paintings out in front of me, I recognize the human journey from UP to DOWN and back again… and we are allowed tokens of our journey, we are allowed to remember and sink into the down times because they give us a newfound appreciation for the good times.


Here is a note about where & how the Silent Story project started:

The first Storyboard (the visual layout of how the story will flow from page to page) came to me while I was in an open house at my son's school. The teacher was talking and I had my journal at the ready. Suddenly, like a too-fast download, a story started coming in. I was literally shaking as I put down in words how the story would flow.

I was still deeply hurt at this time, silenced by someone I loved, and seeking answers everywhere. As my heart fluttered and I finished getting the words down, class let out.

Walking down the hall as though I had just woken from a dream, I came face to face with a friend whom I hadn't seen in several days. She was visibly over-joyed to see me, did a little hop and giggle and gathered me into her arms...

Never underestimate the power your love holds

I AM loveable, I thought. Jen loves me! I don't need to re-calculate my value because of how ONE person treated me.

Jen's kindness stuck with me for months as I continued to create re-worked storyboards for Silent Story, and design the figure that would be the centerpiece to the story. 

There are times when this project feels like too much. But in my heart, I know that I was in a painful heart-space not too long back, I know that this representation is NOT too big. I felt it and it felt very big.

Others dear to me have shared stories, and their experiences are also BIG.
To the heart who admits to feeling big love and big loss, this finished project will feel like the right amount.

The fact that this project pretends at times to scare me, is a sign of healing, in my humble opinion.


Stay-tuned for more information on this project.


Write me back if you choose… you are always welcome in my inbox 😊


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Have a wonderful week's end. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy. 

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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