Collection: The Inner Child Collection ~ One-Of-A-Kind Original Paintings & Customizable Art Prints

When words fail us, art speaks up. It shares in full color when our memories have faded, and tells a story when words just aren’t enough. Art steps up to add a balm to our soul when we aren't quite sure what is scratched inside. KmBerggren sentimental and customizable art prints make perfect gifts for women who are rediscovering themselves through therapy. Women who are overcoming obstacles and creating a future they will love and be proud of.

♥ Choose Gifts For Empowered Women and Mothers ♥

The Inner Child Collection of artwork celebrates the triumph of escaping a hard childhood, encourages the urge to nurture the child within with peace and kindness, and inspires self contemplationSelect Embellished Prints and I can change hair or eye colors per your request.

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