You Are Safe Now - Original 11x11 Woman Inner Child Bear & Fox Painting

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Message from the Artist: You were at times vulnerable, alone in the dark, unseen. You also loved with reckless abandon, ran free through the woods, raced the clouds on wheels and feet.
Sometimes you were exposed, you reached out for connection that wasn’t always there. Your eyes did not always meet the eyes of love – you waited and grew. You relied on yourself.
But you and I had fierce protectors you couldn’t even see… you must have, or else I would not be here today. And now, I see you. I see you with eyes of love, acceptance, and gratitude. I see you in my own children, my old photos. I feel you in my nighttime fears, the darkness that hides in corners still frightens me, a bit. In moments of abandonment and shame I am you again. In moments of anger when I want to lash out, I am a child.
In moments of pure joy and of silly love for another, I feel you bursting through my seams. When I write about what I truly want out of life, I feel your fingers on mine.
Thank you for making your way, for holding on. Thank you for growing strong and continuing to rely on love and to trust connection. Without you, I would not be.
You are safe now. You are the valuable, still vulnerable, seed inside of my heart, inside of my bones. You journeyed and you trusted, failed, and succeeded. You became me and I seek to remember your joy and whimsical freedom.

This original painting is on 11x11 inch heavy watercolor paper ~ this is the actual original paint on heavy (140 lb) acid-free paper, loved on by the artist's hands, layer after layer of paint and love. A one-of-a-kind piece, NOT a reproduction or a print. The full front surface is varnished with UV Protectant varnish. The painting is signed, dated and named on the back, in pencil.

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