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The Son Series - A Collage Of 4 Paintings, Mother & Son Art Print

The Son Series - A Collage Of 4 Paintings, Mother & Son Art Print

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Message from the Artist: A collage print of 4 prints from original paintings in the Son Series - newly created paintings inspired by nurturing and guiding our sons from the nest of mama, and out into the big wide world.

I came home from errands one morning, and as I walked in realizing my sons were still asleep upstairs, I thought about how big they are now.

About how when they were little I had so many names for them that (I felt) showed them how precious they were to me: Lovey, Sweetie, Angel, Love, Boy-Boy, Boysie, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Love… and so many more, including lots of kid-specific names... I’m sure you can relate.

Now that they are teenagers, I wonder if I need those words? Is it demeaning to use them now?

I think that maybe I can roll all of those affection-loaded names into one word that hopefully shows them how proud I am of them, and how honored I am to be their mom: SON

And will they hear in this one simple word, the adoration and depth of my heart for them? For my soon-to-be-men boys?

Soon, the first image in this SON SERIES came into my mind, complete with a complexly colored, rich and deep sunshine, and my heart swooned. Shortly after, it blossomed into three paintings and with some nudges from my own soul and the members of my private FaceBook group, fully-bloomed into four total paintings.

Yes, I NEEDED to create this. For all of the sons who are dear to their mothers’ hearts, whether they are now big or are still small… Whether they are still here to hold, or still have mothers here to hold them… this tribute to sons deserves my time and my heart and my hands.

So, I devoted my heart to warm sun and gently toned skin and created this series.... Son 1, Son 2, Son 3 & Son 4. A visual celebration of “hatching” our boys out into the world.


Who knew gathering groceries and unloading the car could be so inspiring?

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~a 13x19 inch Collage Print featuring all 4 images
~an 8x10 inch Collage Print featuring all 4 images
~each collage print includes an 8x10 inch print sharing the intention behind each piece (see images)
~contact me if you'd like to purchase a print(s) of individual images, including Stretched Canvas Prints


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All prints are created from original Katie m. Berggren paintings.


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