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The Healing You Can Do - Illustrated Story Book with a Message for Hope & Empowerment

The Healing You Can Do - Illustrated Story Book with a Message for Hope & Empowerment

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Composed by Meghan T. Hindi and illustrated by Katie m. Berggren, The Healing You Can Do is a message of affirmation for your experience, and empowerment for your healing. "A Children's Book for your Inner Child." Learn more about the author, here.

The Healing You Can Do is a story of a survivor's journey from birth through healing, and guides the reader to a joyful realization that they can heal not only themselves, but also help others heal with the profound strength, empathy and love they have discovered. The Healing You Can Do will help you see a light at the end of the healing tunnel, and you will walk away feeling more love for yourself and hope in the future.

The Healing You Can Do is a beautiful, moving tool for healing from past or present trauma, and finding love for yourself and others. It is a love letter for your inner child, and a reminder that you are not defined by what has happened to you.
Beautifully illustrated by renowned artist Katie m Berggren, this book comes alive with moving artwork and a life changing, powerful message of empathy for others and love for ourselves: "You are not defined by what has happened to you." and "Remember all the healing you can do, for yourself, those you love and the entire world, too... all because that hurting someone hurt you."


RECENT REVIEWS OF The Healing You Can Do:
"There isn't a person around, no matter what you have been through, that wouldn't benefit from the motivational message of this book. No matter what your story is, you will close the cover with a lightened soul and an inspirational drive to overcome and let yourself be the best you can be. This is the kind of message that needs to be spread worldwide."
"I absolutely love this book! As a foster parent it is hard to find good books that are applicable to not only all ages back to all kinds of different backgrounds. I love the book talks about healing from trauma and how much they are loved! The words are beautiful, the spirit of the story is uplifting, and the art is visually arresting. I highly recommend this book!" - J.S.

"My heart swells for this book. I needed it. More people need it. What a beautiful way the author lays trauma down to be faced, and then let live and forgiveness take it away on it's own path that we no longer need to own." - T.R.
"The Healing You Can Do reaches out for your hand with warmth, clasps it with love, and brings you on a journey of acceptance, empowerment, and hope! This book spoke to me in a powerful and beautiful way. I felt like Meghan was speaking directly to me as well as those I know who are still healing from the scars of their past. I found myself crying while reading it, but in a good way!

It can be hard to turn pain into beauty and power rather than burying it or allowing it to come out as anything other than a series of facts that we hope helps someone else. Meghan's words are exactly what someone who is hurting or someone whose hurt is buried deep needs to hear and the feelings that the Katie's illustrations elicit speak more than words. I'm sure it wasn't an easy process for Meghan to write this book considering she has been through a lot in her own past. Thank you, Meghan from the bottom of my heart for bearing this burden to spread light and love to others who are healing as well!

Just knowing that someone else, who went through trauma that they chose to painfully awaken, sort through, and process into beautiful seeds of healing, gives me the courage to do the same. I can see this book making a significant impact on several friends and clients. I can't wait to see all the healing this book will do through its powerful and loving message!" - J.

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