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►ONE AVAILABLE!◄ Presence - Original 24x24 inch painting on deep canvas

►ONE AVAILABLE!◄ Presence - Original 24x24 inch painting on deep canvas

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•A 24x24 inch ORIGINAL painting on deep canvas
•Signed, dated and labeled on the back, signed on the front
•Varnished for UV Protection
•Wired and ready-to-hang
•4-part, 2-month, Interest-free Payment Plan available above


Do you need her eye color changed? Let me know after purchase.


Presence. “When we are present and living from our inner selves, we experience radiance, joy and completeness. The soul starts to shine like the sun and as long as we can maintain this sense of presence and self-sufficiency, the sun will keep shining. This doesn’t mean there won’t be external disturbances, those will be like clouds floating below the serene, radiant face of the sun. The clouds float by but do nothing to alter or disturb the sun, or its light.” ~ David Fideler, Breakfast With Seneca (a really incredible book!)

While reading and making notes from Breakfast With Seneca, the drawing for this painting emerged. She radiated in my mind with her peaceful knowing face, her gentle eyes on the presence of the glowing sun. Creating this painting was a love story, every stroke of the brush, every little detail, sang to my soul. Each butterfly danced from my brush, at least twice, as I wanted them to be just right. Her finished presence gives me and those who have been drawn to her in my studio, an encompassing warmth and peace. Her eyes speak of the essential importance of letting those clouds drift away, focusing on the beautiful movement and souls we have been blessed with.

“When you live in the present moment, you have found yourself, and you are living from the center of who you really are – your most essential self.” ~ David Fideler, Breakfast With Seneca

Presence is a lusciously rich and textured original 24x24 inch painting on 1-1/2-inch deep canvas, no staples on the edges. She is wired, edged, varnished and ready to hang, no framing necessary. The entire painted area is protected with UV Varnish so your original painting will last a lifetime. This piece is signed on the front, labeled and signed on the back, wired and ready to hang where you most need a pick-me-up and a little reminder every day.

Your new Original Painting will be shipped to you in a sturdy shipping box, wrapped securely, with a gift for you of a stack of free art cards.

This painting will ship via UPS for US buyers and for international buyers, via USPS International Mail, ready to hang (unless your country has size restrictions, then the painting will be removed from the stretcher bars and the canvas will be rolled. You will be notified before this happens!)

Contact the artist with any questions!

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