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MOTHER with 4+ CHILDREN - Most Loved Prints to Choose From

MOTHER with 4+ CHILDREN - Most Loved Prints to Choose From

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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 12 options of Mother with four or more CHILDREN art prints. These are some of my most-loved classic pieces, together in one place for you to easily browse through. Which painting of family makes you smile with memories of how little they once were? And how they used to all fit on your lap. Does one of these pieces of art remind you of why you work so hard as a mother? To keep your children feeling loved, warm, fed and happy.

Each of these prints is unique and special and available in several sizes. Choose your size from the drop-down menu.

DIG DEEPER into the collection of Mother with 4 or more Children Art Prints

Looking for something a little different? Choose an Embellished Print to personalize eye color and/or hair color accents or Contact Katie if you can't find what you are looking for. See more details below.

In the CHOOSE PRINT SIZE box above, select:

~a Hand-Embellished & Signed Art Print (not available with all images)
~a Signed Art Print on Paper
~or a Stretched Canvas Art Print

All prints are created from original Katie m. Berggren paintings. Learn more about types of prints below.

Types of Art Prints:

Your Art Print will be created onto premium-quality heavyweight paper with an 8-ink process for vibrant, fade-proof color that illuminates YOUR space. Your smooth matte Archival Print will be hand-signed and carefully packaged for safe travels into your hands. I use archival materials so your ready-to-frame artwork will have 100+ beautiful years to inspire tender memories and touch hearts. Even when mom says she doesn't want anything, she may yearn for recognition of her motherhood journey.

Prints 12x12 or smaller are bagged to ship in a sturdy mailer, the title of the Art Print is written on the backing board. Most Art Prints have a small 1/8-inch border and fit standard frames. THICK MARGIN and EMBELLISHED Prints have 3/4-inch borders.


 ••Hand-Embellished and Signed Art Prints••

A 12x12 Thick Margin Print is hand-accented with paint for brush-stroke texture. I take your print to my clean work table and add an artist’s touch to make your embellished Art Print one-of-a-kind and collectible. I autograph the front and sign and date the back of your Embellished print. Your print is then packaged in an acid free bag with a backing board, and gift wrapped before shipping in a sturdy mailer.

An Embellished Print allows for eye color changes, or color accents added to hair. I can darken or lighten hair, or add some facial hair, all with paint. I can even add names or dates, written with fine marker. Provide notes at check-out if you'd like your Embellished Print personalized with eye or hair color adjustments.

Allow 2 days before shipping, for creation and drying time.




••Stretched Canvas Prints••

Your unique and beautiful Stretched Canvas Print has premium cotton canvas printed with vivid color, sharpness and detail then stretched over 1-1/2-inch wooden bars. Your Artwork is wired to hang, with edges printed in a dark complementary color, ready to grace your wall, stir your emotions, and illustrate YOUR life journey. Shipped from my off-site photo lab.

If you would prefer your Canvas Print to be un-stretched, on rolled canvas, please email me and I can make that happen.

Allow 5-7 days for creation before shipping. 




Messages for the images in this listing:

FIND YOUR PEACE IN ME: An attempt to take a moment, a moment of meditation, a moment alone. Soon, though, the warmth spreads, the heart calls. The little feet scurry closer, the warm bodies wiggle tighter. And still... peace.

RADIANT TENDERNESS: Radiating love, close together ~ with arms and a heart generous enough to hold everyone. A mother with five children who can find the time, the space and the peace to wrap herself around all of her children. To give children a place to come home to, a place where they know they are accepted, wanted, respected and needed.

SOULS COMING TOGETHER: From an early age, we are grown in the soil of our families - in the patience and kindness of our parents and siblings, with some weeds and even some pests along the way. May the space around us be enriching, may it guide us and grow us, cultivate us into who we are meant to be. This father and mother together embrace their four children, always having the space to fit them in. This children are resting and some are bright-eyed. They feel the acceptance and the comfort. They know that they belong in this big family unit.

4 PEARLS: The way an oyster wraps securely, surrounding a beautiful, hidden, precious pearl, mama is wrapped around her four precious creations. Even though there are four children, she still finds a way to hold all of them together, protected within her embrace. All of them together.

HEART OF GRATITUDE (3 color options): The challenge to create a mother snuggling 4 children, this image flowed from my heart...

LOVE OUTNUMBERED: She's nearly never alone with 4 young children, even maybe all sons. But finding little arms to hug her or sticky cheeks to kiss and caress; a warm baby body to snuggle or sparkly innocent eyes to look into, is never hard. She's the mother of a wild band of children, and she's never been more content, or tired.

TOGETHER IN A DREAM: A precious new one joins the family, and one free soul watches over in beautiful butterfly form. Never far. A blonde mother after having her fourth child. Three older siblings watching over the baby and perhaps realizing that the one that had to be said goodbye to, is close by too. A gift for a mother giving birth after loss, an angelversary and memorial surprise to show that the angel child is not forgotten. Even after the birth of the 4th earth-side baby.

COMMITTED: Commitment of the heart, commitment of the hands, and of the body, patience and will.

CIRCLE OF CALM: This piece is a lovely celebration on canvas ~ a true act of love & peace in regard to texture & color. I truly enjoyed loving her into creation.

WINGS OF THE HEART: "The Most Precious Jewels You'll Ever Have Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children..." ~ Anonymous. A dark haired mother cradling her four children. Three are boys but if you want bows added to more, just choose an Embellished print and let me know! Brotherly love and big brothers protecting a little sister. The love of a mother can stretch to include four children, and even the big green butterfly that watches over. Is this butterfly a memorial creature... the free soul of a child come before?


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