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►ONE AVAILABLE◄ In Safe Hands - Holding Baby At Window with Sea Painting

►ONE AVAILABLE◄ In Safe Hands - Holding Baby At Window with Sea Painting

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•A 9x12 inch ORIGINAL painting on heavy 140 lb watercolor paper
•Signed, dated and labeled on the back, signed on the front
•Varnished for UV Protection
•Frame with or without glass, your choice
•4-part Interest-Free Payment Plan is available above


In Safe Hands. The open world looms beyond the window, but in this moment all that is necessary exists. Warmth, contentment, safe hands to provide comfort. Soothing words and steady steps. The big world waits, but it can wait.


Paintings are signed on the front, autographed, and dated on the back. All pieces are completed on heavy 140lb watercolor paper and varnished for UV protection.

Framing Suggestion: I suggest choosing a standard off-the-shelf frame in a size of 12x16 inches or larger with a window mat with for a 9x12 inch piece.

Original Paintings are GENERATIONAL~ they increase in value each year.
They enrich a life, then are passed down lovingly as cherished objects full of meaning,
from one generation to the next, sweet hand to hand.

Lasting a series of lifetimes, and if taken care of, will continue to give back to you, day after day.
They are enveloped in the love and time of the artist’s hands; hold-able, touch-able timeless gems.

Thanks! Sincerely, Katie m. Berggren

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