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Box of 6 Heartfelt Greeting Cards

Box of 6 Heartfelt Greeting Cards

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6 Heartfelt Greeting Cards sized at 5.5 x 4.25 inches each, folded. Each set of 6 cards will come in a plastic-free recycled box, with ivory-toned recycled envelopes, and a sticker.

3 styles for touching a hurting soul and 3 for giving thanks and sharing joy.

As the years go by, a priority that floats to the top is kindness and people. Relationships. Love. Attempts at connection. We are trying to be present and to do well, but we can feel misunderstood, alone, insufficient ♥

These cards… my heart was floating on a string when I was making them, because their purpose is to connect humans. To bring love. To inspire connection. Even in their silent way, through the mail or taped to a simple gift, they can billow a spirit, even just a little.

In comparison to my Art Cards, these cards are a smaller gift-size. Hand-sized, heart-sized, easy to give in a discreet and loving way.

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