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Great Love For Small Things - Children & Bunnies Art Print

Great Love For Small Things - Children & Bunnies Art Print

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Message from the Artist: A fluffle of rabbits, some persnickety, some calm, all benevolent (though feisty). A sampling of nature’s wild personalities.

May we always be in awe of the lives around us, those we can’t speak with through language, but can affect our actions. This Fall I cut back a giant ugly bush in my front yard. It was hauntingly ugly and needed a Fall trim. It took hours of frustration and every step of the way I could’ve burst into tears, because I doubted whether I should be cutting off the dormant branches.

See… the bunnies lived beneath it. A whole family of them. They eyed me in the mornings and ran from me during evening walks. But they always knew they could be safe beneath that big ugly bush. In the end I chose the opinions of my neighbors over the safe habitat of the bunnies. I know they’ve already found a great new hiding place, but deep down I feel like I betrayed them.

Every year they eat my garden, they ravage my flower bulbs (sometimes taking down tall iris stalks before the blooms stand a chance), the bunnies are adorable but actually quite frustrating, if I’m honest.

May we live in peace with the fluffy ones who make their homes near ours. A group of bunnies IS ACTUALLY called a Fluffle, by the way!

A print from the Wild Tenderness Collection.

Looking for something a little different? Choose an Embellished Print to personalize eye color and/or hair color accents or Contact Katie if you can't find what you are looking for. See more details below.

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All prints are created from original Katie m. Berggren paintings. Learn more about types of prints below.

Types of Art Prints:

Your Art Print will be created onto premium-quality heavyweight paper with an 8-ink process for vibrant, fade-proof color that illuminates YOUR space. Your smooth matte Archival Print will be hand-signed and carefully packaged for safe travels into your hands. I use archival materials so your ready-to-frame artwork will have 100+ beautiful years to inspire tender memories and touch hearts. Even when mom says she doesn't want anything, she may yearn for recognition of her motherhood journey.

Prints 12x12 or smaller are bagged to ship in a sturdy mailer, the title of the Art Print is written on the backing board. Most Art Prints have a small 1/8-inch border and fit standard frames. THICK MARGIN and EMBELLISHED Prints have 3/4-inch borders.


 ••Hand-Embellished and Signed Art Prints••

A 12x12 Thick Margin Print is hand-accented with paint for brush-stroke texture. I take your print to my clean work table and add an artist’s touch to make your embellished Art Print one-of-a-kind and collectible. I autograph the front and sign and date the back of your Embellished print. Your print is then packaged in an acid free bag with a backing board, and gift wrapped before shipping in a sturdy mailer.

An Embellished Print allows for eye color changes, or color accents added to hair. I can darken or lighten hair, or add some facial hair, all with paint. I can even add names or dates, written with fine marker. Provide notes at check-out if you'd like your Embellished Print personalized with eye or hair color adjustments.

Allow 1 day before shipping, for creation and drying time.




••Stretched Canvas Prints••

Your unique and beautiful Stretched Canvas Print has premium cotton canvas printed with vivid color, sharpness and detail then stretched over 1-1/2-inch wooden bars. Your Artwork is wired to hang, with edges printed in a dark complementary color, ready to grace your wall, stir your emotions, and illustrate YOUR life journey. Shipped from my off-site photo lab.

Allow 5-7 days for creation before shipping. 


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