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Fleeting & Forever - Original 24x24 inch painting on deep canvas

Fleeting & Forever - Original 24x24 inch painting on deep canvas

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This original painting has SOLD but prints are available!
I can also create for you an original painting inspired by this piece.


Message from the Artist: A new original painting from the Thrive Collection.

In Japan, Cherry Blossoms represent the fragility, beauty and fleetingness of life. A visual reminder of how precious and precarious life is. In China they symbolize love and beauty.

I struggled with the name for this painting, and loved the suggestions from my collectors. But kept waiting for the right words to represent this mother and daughter beneath the Cherry Blossoms.... Fleeting is the right word… and Intertwined/Entwined is the right word, and Precious is the right word. Hope & Renewal felt right… so I cooked them all up and let them simmer while I painted and made meals and cake for my family.

Are they dancing? I see them more as Swept Up together – the daughter being swept up by the mother. The mother whisking away troubles and being exactly what her daughter needs. The little growing girl racing into her mother’s arms, full of delight about the big world around her but grateful for the little world between her and her person. The person who is always available.

It’s sometimes hard to know when a painting is complete. It’s tempting for it to become too precious, so beloved that I can’t step away, that I can’t move on. I become entranced in her surface and don’t want to leave. But then… there is a chance of going too far, of overdoing her.

So, I step away from the delicate petals and the distant branches. The roots that grew and the large flowers that delight me. I am thankful that I captured this fleeting moment in a precious way, and I moved on to the next creation.

But first, I blessed her with a name, which emerged while writing: Fleeting And Forever ❤


The Thrive Collection. Flourishing despite circumstances, because Spring is a season of intoxicating hope and we are destined to THRIVE. We will push from the soil and reach toward the sky, as we ache for sun and breeze after being tucked away.

Soon is a time for becoming something new – a new version of ourselves. With stronger stalks and more fragrant blossoms. With more texture and layers of meaning that unfold without apology, as we seek to discover new directions.

From dark into light we will go, taking our children along with us. Proving that buds stagnated can eventually bloom. Our flowers may be a big dingy, a bit starved for light, but they are holding strong. Holding out hope. At our fleshy centers, our cores, we believe. We will let inflammation and pain slip away, heaviness will fall from our shoulders and joints.

If flowers are the enlightenment of plants (E. Tolle), then we can marvel at a fresh bloom and know that there is promise for us as well. Infinite promise.

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