Feeling Strong - Tandem Babywearing Art Print

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Message from the Artist: We get pushed down, squashed, shamed, lied to. We are disregarded, ghosted and flattened... and we stay down… for a while.

But eventually, we must get up again. Crawl from our downed location and find our feet. There is so much pain. And the little people in our lives can show us the purity and innocence of what matters around us. We can out-loud ask them for their advice and even their silent gooey smiles can give us the answer. Or they can provide us with a succinct and straight from the heart, seemingly obvious response. They know. They know the answer is to not take things personally. To love what is. And WE know. We know that we are only in control of ourselves – we’ve taught our kids this!

We teach that we have no say in what others say about us… but still… A little tweak in the air, a memory, a message can knock us down again.

Get back up. Take hold of the precious ones in your life, big and small. Feel strong and move towards the light. Leave the dark, heavy, sad behind. And don’t be surprised when the wise ones pull a flickering body of light from that previous darkness. When they open YOUR eyes to some sweet bright-spot lesson that the dingy troubles left behind.

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