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►ONE AVAILABLE ◄ Boundless Potential - Original 10x20 inch painting on deep canvas

►ONE AVAILABLE ◄ Boundless Potential - Original 10x20 inch painting on deep canvas

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•A 10x20 inch ORIGINAL painting on deep canvas
•Signed, dated and labeled on the back, signed on the front
•Varnished for UV Protection
•Wired and ready-to-hang
•4-part, 2-month, Interest-free Payment Plan available above

Do you need the eye colors changed? Let me know after you order, there will be no additional charge for this. 

Message from the Artist: The eldest child has a clear vision, stepping forward with hands clasped in expectation and anticipation. Mama holds the littler one, while she can, with her legs stretched out into her own anticipatory future, and toes that keep a bond with her little girl. The connection remains even when the children are beginning their own paths.
Daddy is a solid support, gentle and strong, as the family finds balance and serenity in an atmosphere of soft, cool-yet-sunny, peace.


An original 10x20 inch acrylic painting on deep canvas. The edges of the canvas are 1.5 inches deep. The edges of your painting are painted dark brown and all painted surfaces are varnished with UV Protectant Varnish. Your painting is wired and ready to hang, right out of the box. Signed on the front ~ titled, dated and autographed on the back.

Your new Original Painting will be shipped to you in a sturdy shipping box, wrapped securely, with a gift for you of a stack of free art cards. The paintings in this collection will ship via Priority USPS for US buyers and for international buyers, via USPS International Mail, ready to hang!

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