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When you are loved by a mommy, the love doesn't die with her. Many of us are carrying a big loss, but the years of love are in us, too. We think about those loved ones who should be here to enjoy with us, but who have moved on. Mother and daughter paintings remind us that a mother's love is forever. 

A tender image of a mother loving her children can show us and those we care about that love lives on. A print of a mother with her son can bring warmth and comfort when photos aren't enough. Paintings capture memories that are vivid and moving and full of life. Soul Deep honors the angel parent.

♥ Choose A Loss Of Mother Gift for a Hurting Heart ♥

Choose a print or original painting of a mother with her children, or a special pendant keepsake, to honor all the years she spent caring and protecting. Select Embellished Prints and I can change hair or eye colors per your request.

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