Visual Texture in a Fine Art Print on Paper

Visual Texture in a Fine Art Print on Paper



When I create an archival print from one of my paintings on canvas or paper, I am often blown away by how it looks like the texture of the painting can actually be touched IN THE PRINT!!

Of course, the print is smooth, but the Visual Texture comes through.

The true texture of that piece is touchable only by he or she who owns the original painting, of course. And texture, I tell you, is delicious to the touch. I have collectors who tell me of how much they love to touch their original paintings. Some have placed their prints and Embellished Prints in shadow boxes with hinged tops. Simply so they can open and touch whenever they choose!


Visual Texture does not come through in every piece, though. It depends upon the size of the print you are purchasing (I always recommend the bigger the better for max impact) and the size of the painting that was photographed to make that print.

Fine art prints are made from photographs of original paintings, read more.


For example, if you are purchasing an 8x8 inch print on paper of a painting that was created as a 40x40 inch piece on canvas, then you will probably not see the texture of the paint or the canvas in the print. The image has been reduced so much that the image shows as smooth. The print should still be gorgeous, clear and sharp, though.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a 12x12 inch print of a piece that was originally created as an 8x8 inch painting on canvas, you SHOULD see the texture of the paint and even the canvas (depending upon the style of the art and how much paint the artist uses).

The image should NOT be blurry, even though the print is larger than the painting, because an artist who is creating professional prints would have a very large photograph of the painting saved.

The large, high-resolution photo allows for large high-quality prints. If the image on your print IS blurry, read this post.


It seems as though you can touch the texture in Your Seed, My Bloom, by touching your digital screen, it's so vivid! See below.

 mother and daughter painting, textural painting, inner child artwork



Enjoy the Visual Texture in your print. Just remember, the absence of it does NOT mean that there is something wrong with the print. Assuming the piece is sharp and lovely.

It means that a) your artist creates in such a way that their piece is smooth and less textured or b) the print has been created from a larger painting, and the reducing of the image size has simplified the texture of the image.

Think of pictures in children’s books: even if the book in your hand is sized 10x10 inches, the artwork was most likely created at a 20x20 inch size or larger.

This allows for the artist to add lots of detail on a larger surface which increases the interest and details in the images of the finished artwork in the book. A smaller image of a large painting draws more attention to the details in the painting, allowing for a whole world of imagination to come together on a smaller page.

An artist may not be able to create all those details on a small original painting, unless they had a tiny brush!


Want some advice on framing your art print? Read THIS post 



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