personalized motherhood art prints on paper, ready to frame

What Are Embellished Art Prints?


Embellished Prints are an opportunity to take an archival paper print and add beautiful texture and interest to it, using actual paint and brushes.

Fine art prints are made from photographs of original paintings, read more.


I add ACTUAL paint to the prints with my studio brushes, these are not digital edits. Thus, you get the touchable texture and the emphasis of real paint. The prints you receive direct from my shop will never be blurry

When you choose an Embellished Art Print, I have the opportunity to customize hair and eye colors for you, and to even add a special little element such as a flower or a heart, or even some little wings.


Here is one I created recently:


embellished print, babies with red hair and mom, red hair children painting, personalized painting, customized hair colors on art


 Look at how cute that RED hair is, I just love it!!


I'm so pleased with these and with how unique they are - each one is truly one-of-a-kind, because each time they are embellished just a little bit differently.


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personalized painting print, customized print, changing hair colors on art print, mom of 4 art, mommy with four kids artwork




To get your Embellished Print, DO THIS:

1) Choose your KmBerggren Art Print (you can use filters to sort)

2) Select the "Embellished Print" option (not available on ALL prints)

3) Tell me in your Order Comments if you want eye or hair color changes.


Your Hand-Embellished Art Print is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Enhanced just for you, I don't create them until they are ordered. They are signed on the front, dated on the back, and wrapped in smooth brown paper for protection (and for the joy of unwrapping!!)


If you want me to make one for a special mom in your life, just write in your Order Comments, and I can put a hand-written greeting card inside the package with your message, no extra charge!


personalized motherhood art prints on paper, ready to frame



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