The Hope Effect will receive 100% of the money from the purchase of this brand new original painting on deep canvas.     The Hope Effect is changing the way the world cares for orphans, through families, homes and tender care, instead of institutions ♥

PROactive vs Reactive ♥ POP

I find myself getting obsessive about little things; small details, shallow directions, limited possibilities, the actions or non-actions of others. I have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies in my brain, and I annoy myself with how I want to close loops – some that may not need to be closed, or even bothered with.


This year, I’m thinking BIGGER. I’m reaching out with my artwork to help organizations, introducing my paintings to licensing companies to hopefully bring you mindful and beautiful products, and working on putting Silent Story more widely into the world. The Seeker has an important story to tell about self-love and healing, and I/we simply canNOT forget about her. ♥ Do you remember her? ♥


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Someday we will be at the end of our days. Will we gaze back and see that we did things that mattered? Or will we bum-out over the petty things we focused on?


That’s a question I ask myself. And remember, everything we do is being observed by the small people in our lives (assuming you have smaller people in your lives) and they are learning from US. What do they see us doing?


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Do they see us donating our time and money? Do they see us trying to help or solve problems that matter? Do they see us serving them and others?


Or do they see us obsessing over details like crumbs on counters, our own appearance, petty disagreements with others, random drama?


I have two young adults in my home with incredible potential. And I yearn for them to see me yearning to make things better. Even the act of finding new and better recipes so that I can make delicious and healthy snacks and meals for them – that counts (in my opinion).


Do I still obsessively check my email for that note/payment/answer that someone said they’d send? Yes, at times. Do I still get distracted by messy counters and bits of clutter? Yes, yes I do


But I’m trying to keep the big picture in mind. I’m trying to MAKE things happen instead of WAITING for them to happen. And in my experience, when we move forward and take steps, the other stuff falls into place or just disappears, if it is meant to.


Everyday is another chance to do better. Another chance to forgive ourselves for the mistake(s) we made and move on. Another day to not think small.


I’m trying, and I think you are, too. That’s what counts.

I'm sending you love.


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Why I chose The Hope Effect for the 10th Annual Painting On Purpose:

The Hope Effect is working to bring vulnerable orphaned children into loving families, reducing the need for institutional care, around the world. Learn more.

Thank you for reading. I wish you a wonderful week's end.

Always reach out if you have any questions or ideas to share ♥

Stay connected, remember that you matter. 

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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