what’s blocking your clarity?

Clarity by Katie m. Berggren

Clarity by Katie m. Berggren


Open Loops ~ a concept I was recently introduced to.

Open Loops refers to tasks that are left undone, things that are not where they belong, unfinished… These clog us mentally, and distract us from true clarity and success and forward motion. (I’ve got some of these, and I plan to take action TODAY)

What about you? Do you have baby books that need updating ~ that letter to grandma that you’ve been meaning to write? Is there a project you started that is still sitting out on the dining room table (I had some half sewn pillows out on the table awhile back)?

Is there something you promised to do for someone that you haven’t yet done?

It’s time to tackle these, one by one. Some of them will only take a moment when we take that moment to tackle them! CLOSE the loops!

Decide if each Open Loop is truly worth doing (for me, the pillows weren’t, so I put that stuff away) ~ and if so DO them! If not, put the supplies away and let it go from your mind.

What if we stopped talking, planning, deciding, writing about or facebooking about the thing we need to get done. What if we took that time and just got it done?

What Open Loops are blocking your clarity, and what is YOUR next step?

Also: when you get those tasks, large and small, DONE ~ how will you feel? Great, I bet!

Have a great day,

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