paintings of mom and son, images of mother with son, frameable art for mom of boys

Prioritizing & Son 🧡

The Son Series Collage is making its way into homes and I've started receiving images of it framed, so rad!

paintings of mom and son, images of mother with son, frameable art for mom of boys


On another note:
Prioritizing isn’t always my best quality. How about you?

I think: “I’ll do this really quick…” then it isn’t quick and takes me down another path. I can feel myself get 2 or 3 layers removed from what I was just doing.

Here’s an example, can you relate?
I’ll be painting in the studio – then I’ll decide to go fill my teacup. I’ll go in and the teapot water is cold or gone, so I’ll fill it and flip the button.

While it is heating up, I’ll put a couple kitchen-y things away, see a dirty towel and take it to the laundry room. There, I’ll remember that I have a load drying, so I check it. Re-fluff or even fold. Put some clothes away.

Then, when putting some towels away in the bathroom I’ll realize there is a little mess, so I’ll take care of that. I’ll remember I want to start a load, so I’ll run upstairs to see if there are any dirties up there. I’ll discover lights on – turn them off. Open blinds for plants dust something with a piece of laundry…

Back down the stairs – fix the shoe area. Remember that I have orders to pack. Begin packing orders...

Meanwhile, I haven’t started that load of laundry yet, and my paints are still open and the brushes soaking.

The kettle is now boiling – the lights might even still be on in my bathroom where I was cleaning up a few layers ago. Get my tea and take it to the studio.

Now I’m packing orders in the studio which takes me on a whole new journey and I’m at least three layers removed from where I started: standing at the easel doing what I say is my passion. WTF.

On an unfortunate day, this happens all day long and I drive myself BATTY. Usually, I can stand and paint for hours – but sometimes I can’t seem to sit still.

I have some herbs that help me with focus. And this quote by William James reminds me to get back to the easel:

“When we reach the end of our days, our life experience will equal what we have paid attention to… whether by choice or default.”


Do you know this labyrinth? :)

I hope you can find some focus today and use that attention on what really matters. Let me know if you want to know the herbs I use.


Have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live in my Private Community on Facebook? I'll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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