the inner child mother and child artwork collection by KmBerggren

Inner Child Collection - the studio today

When my collectors and buyers say they cry because of a painting - I know that they are getting out what I put in to each piece. That is fulfilling. I had this happen FOUR times in the last few days! I'm grateful and I love my people.

 Thank you for sharing your words and stories with me. I appreciate you.  

The Inner Child Collection released on Tuesday, and I'm happy to share the collection (so far) with you today.

Artwork speaks when words can't or won't,
original one of a kind mama paintings make meaningful Mother's Day gifts.

I create these paintings because my heart needs them, but I know also that they are meant to bless another mother and show her family what they mean to her.


the inner child mother and child artwork collection by KmBerggren


I'm going to call out a couple of these special ladies :) 


african american mother and child inner child artwork by KmBerggren


Mother and Child, Inner Child woman and little girl original painting




Here is the state of the studio today - I'm getting ready to work on 3 new paintings - probably not all at the same time - but it's nice to move between them as I see fit. All three paintings are pre-sold custom original paintings.


On Tuesday and Wednesday I did a post-release cleanup in the studio with dusting, vacuuming, wipe-down. Paintbrush cleaning, de-cluttering... a great feeling after a big rush of creation and then the release of a new body of art work.

Katie m. Berggren artist studio with blank canvases


Thank you for taking the time to follow along with my work.

Have a wonderful week's end!


Love & Sincerely, Katie


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