Grandmas & Feelings & Studio Sisters

I’ve been working on a story for my Grandma Mickey (92). I’ve been paying close attention during our conversations about her early life and have recently typed my notes to capture a portion of her story that will disappear when she is gone. 

She holds all the answers we can ever have. And it just so happens that today she is in the hospital with pneumonia, but she’s going to be okay. 

My Grandma seems happy I’ve written this up for her, perhaps surprised that I care. She is surprised, also, when I tell her she is beautiful. 

I didn’t realize that putting her story down would give ME insight into my own life… a longer view. 

She tells me what she remembers about people, what they did for a living, where they resided, their kids and families, and I realize she is remembering the emotions. Whether they seemed kind, angry or “not right”. 

She remembers dates and some streets and names, but she seems to remember the over-arching feeling she had for people. And it reminds me that I do this too. 

I sometimes can’t remember WHO I was talking to, but I can remember how I was feeling: “I can’t remember who said this, but I recall feeling inspired by them”. “I can’t remember who I was talking to, but I remember feeling shy around them…” 

People may not remember what you did for a living or how much older or younger you were than them, or whether or not you had wrinkles or acne or extra weight at your middle, but they will remember if they felt loved or accepted by you – and/or happy when you were around.

Katie & The Grandmas

Katie & The Grandmas

My other Grandma, Neva who is 95 (right, above), has troubles with her short-term memory. She will call me a couple hours after we’ve just had an hour-long conversation. She has forgotten that we talked, but I like to think that she remembers that talking to me makes her feel happy… so she picks up the phone I LOVE this photo my mom took of the three of us, 2 weeks ago! 

I hope we all live to see our happy, comfortable 90s.


Also, of course, I’ve been painting. I have just finished this custom original painting for a beautiful mama named Kathy, here she is:

Custom Original Painting by Katie m. Berggren

Custom Original Painting by Katie m. Berggren


HALF of my available original paintings SOLD last week!

 I have a few available and they would look AMAZING hanging together!! Because they were created together They are STUDIO SISTERS  

There is only ever ONE original of each painting.

Float, new original painting from Katie m. Berggren

Whispered Dream new painting by Katie m. Berggren

To See You Better new painting by Katie m. Berggren

To See You Better new painting by Katie m. Berggren

Wishing you encounters with people who are happy, or people whom YOU can bring happiness to. 

Thank you for taking the time to read along, enjoy your day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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