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Enthusiasm ♥ something new

Last week I wrote that my desire toward minimizing started when my boys were very little. Having projects to clean and organize gave me time to let my boys play while mommy ‘worked on the house’. I played with (and tended to) them so much that at times I thought my head would explode, or that I would burst into tears or run away. Despite the fact that they are the biggest pieces of my heart, mothering can be HARD. 



When I accomplished an organizing or tidying task, I re-entered the play space as a renewed mama.


Projects kept me sane and loving and taught my boys about mindfully storing toys and keeping spaces clear. We prioritized the most played-with toys, with bins in the garage for rotating. As teens they are conscious of their spaces and their things and clean & simple brings them joy, too!


To this day, 20 years later, knowing that I have a drawer that needs sorting, or some clothes to reconsider, or a pile somewhere to explore… a space to open up, unnecessaries to remove… it brings me a lovely anticipation. Just to have that 'to-do' written down somewhere. 


Currently, I have a list that says: “glasses cupboard, attic books & toys, spice drawer and DVD drawer”. Last weekend I buzzed through the recipe box, releasing the cards of anything I didn’t need to feel like I ‘should’ make/bake, but wasn’t going to :)


Tidying and minimizing are a fantastic break from studio work and give me energy when I’m feeling down


paintings of women, painting of sunshine, painting inspired by seneca, art inspired by stoicism, butterfly painting, kmberggren, kim berggren,


Remember when I mentioned core enthusiasms last week? Messages from the soul 😊


Have you had a chance to consider what yours are? If you can travel back through your life in your mind, what has always ‘been there’? Something(s) you’ve always been drawn towards? A message that your body/spirit/creator/soul has sent you time and time again?


I like to think about how a passion for creating art and a passion for simple living/contentedness can go hand in hand... it affects the way I paint, the amount and type of paints I buy (the highest quality with the richest color), and the products I choose to create and offer.


(Soon I’ll share with you a graphic I drew that shows the products and ventures I have explored over the years, and spent time on, and how I have ‘pruned’ my offerings to just the best and most valued.) 


Speaking of... I introduced something new last night that may or may not remain :) check it out? Thank you!


Along the lines of simplicity, I keep my studio stocked with fewer paint colors than most, and I mix to get the other colors. This allows me to keep a simple and coherent palette, that many are drawn to because it speaks of earth and nature. 


Of course, some special brilliant tones need to be purchased and implemented too, because… gorgeousness! 😊


Here’s another painting from the early days, Refined Chaos, inspired by simplicity and my goal to achieve it:

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Thank you for reading, I'd be happy to hear from you if you feel like sharing your story ♥




My friend Alanna Knobben has a special new connection opportunity that starts March 13th.

The Bridge - Reimagined online group support for grieving hearts. 

Guided support in building your bridge between grief and love. 

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Lessons, practices and conversation to support and guide you in your love, loss and life after the death of a loved one. Virtual gatherings that offer you ways to work with your body, mind, emotions and spirit begins March 13th. 


6 sessions (over a 3 month block) offering connection, courage, compassion, legacy, transformation and more.

Registration open until March 12th or spots are filled. Find out more at 



Love & Sincerely,


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