Children safe and adored, as they should be ♥

Children safe and adored, as they should be ♥

The studio has been alight with new paintings in creation. In this time with so many heavy hard things happening in our world, I lean on what I feel called to do: to bring light by way of art.


Over the years I have come to see my work (my collectors have, too) as positive visualizations. Visions of healthy families, new babies, happy children, loving relationships, connection.


So, into the daily visual stream of messages, images and memes, some downright heart-wrenching, I toss my imagery and videos of paintings coming to life. Because painting is how I mend my own soul when it feels heavy, and I feel that the vivid colors, cheerful faces and loving eyes can be a gentle break from the darkness and concern.


I share bits of progress of each painting, to share the healing power of art, and because it's fun to follow along. These new pieces are fresh and intimate, spontaneous and colorful moments of love. Children safe and adored, as they should be, and humans deep in connection.





My wish for you is comfort, stability, and someone to snuggle with (be they human or animal ). Remember that in these divisive times, we need each other, whether it's a spontaneous hello-I'm-thinking-of-you text, or a little treat through the mail.


The connection we have with the people around us, and the peace we create in our daily lives, is so completely important. We are only truly in charge of ourselves and our own behavior.



Final Tidbit:  

Recently, I asked on my facebook page for folks to share their family details ~ hair & eye colors, ages ~ to add inspiration to my creative time in the studio. Would you like to submit your details? Comment here, and I'll tag you during creation (with no pressure to purchase the finished piece).


Thank you for being here, I hope you are having a good week ♥


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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