woman and daughter looking at ocean, peaceful serene artwork of mother and daughter, ocean artwork, seascape painting, ocean horizon art

Live With Art... Alone Together

Fall brings desires to clean-up, de-clutter, minimize and re-vamp. Often as the weather changes and the kids go back to school, urges to have less and get organized, flood me. Minimizing things sitting around, letting go of clothes, sorting through cupboards, moving couches… so fun.


Letting Go/Minimalism/De-Cluttering is my love language 


Many times, I have wondered how one can reconcile with having a core that loves to have less, but also a strong inner urge to CREATE.


I posted this conundrum in the Aspiring Minimalists private FB group last year, nervous because it was my first post, but the responses were very thoughtful, and I think we can all find helpful tidbits here, as we do what we are called to do:


Art is a necessity. Art satisfies the soul in ways that stuff cannot. The world needs less stuff and more art. ~ Leanne


ART is a beautiful and soulful addition to one's life. It's definitely not clutter or junk. PLEASE do not let guilt invade or subtract from your love of art and creating!! Rest peacefully knowing you are putting good into the world.  
~ Prudence


Art makes people happy! That's the goal in life so keep creating that happiness! ~ Aron


You're not asking people to fill their homes; you're providing them with beauty to make their homes beautiful and to give them joy. "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". I think you provide more goodness than you know. ~ Julie


I think if we each do as we are called to, art for you, then we give people the chance to make meaningful decisions about what to put into their home and lives. They wouldn't have the choice to include beautiful art in their lives if artists didn't create. Big box store art doesn't cut it for a lot of people. They need meaning. And that's what you are providing. We cannot determine how others should live their lives. They have to get there on their own. But even minimalists want pieces of true beauty and meaning in their homes. Feel free. Create! ~ Amber


Never stop creating your art because you have a gift to share with the world. 
~ Shaz


A truly loved and sought out work of art made from the heart spreads good energy. Maybe people who buy your creations will have a small void filled and won't need plastic cookie-cutter crap from a big box store. ~ Laura


I think it’s important for people to eliminate the “extra” so they can enjoy the beautiful things - like art - that fulfill them. Keep creating. People need beautiful things that make them happy. ~ Erin




On Tuesday, I set-up a listing for you to pre-order your 2024 calendars, they are lovely this year! Calendar season can be stressful for me. Having a beautiful art calendar is divine, and having some to give as holiday gifts for friends is even better (because they are so useful and easy to ship/give), but having a huge stack of them in the studio can bring feelings of overwhelm. The calendar stack dwindles quite quickly, but a large stack of anything in my workspace or home makes me shiver 😊 I love me some empty corners and visible baseboards! 


Calendar pre-orders through Friday 
will automatically receive a free art sticker




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This week I have completed the newest original painting in the Open Skies Collection, Alone Together, and she is completely dreamy… I’m truly in love with the energy of the flowers against the calmness of the mother and daughter, with a backdrop of sparkly ocean and soft sky. This one feels like one of my faves in the series.


woman and daughter looking at ocean, peaceful serene artwork of mother and daughter, ocean artwork, seascape painting, ocean horizon art


This painting was originally intended as a partner piece to Courage & Potential, but after going through feelings of discontent and fretting a bit, I realized that she needed a purpose of her own – motherhood. NOT to be a partner piece.


A daughter leans into her mother, expecting and receiving comfort and support. A mother feeling the weight of her girl, needing and receiving assurance and acknowledgement. In a tangled world of emotions and events, this little couplet is what matters. The mother and the child, the bond between them.


They’ve climbed their way to this spot through whatever life has dropped on them, and they will continue to ascend, together. Even though it sometimes feels as though they are alone in the fog, their spirits are always alone together, on a sunny fresh overlook, with a beautiful and expansive horizon stretching into their future.


Thank you for being here, I hope you are having a LOVELY week!


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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