Motherhood CIRCLE Artwork ~ 14 print styles to choose from

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Message from the Artist: Motherhood life and love in a circular world. This shape brings fluidity, centering and wholeness. Fresh print options of my newest paintings, just released for you to browse through. Choose a keepsake print that can be framed in a 5x5 inch frame, an 8x8 inch frame, or a 12x12 inch frame, with no mat necessary! Or choose a larger frame with a mat. 

Each of these prints is unique and special and available in 3 sizes. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. Your print will NOT have a "" watermark, of course!

Circle Prints consist of a circle printed on the paper print size of choice. 12x12 Circle Prints have a 1/2 inch margin, 8x8 and 5x5 inch Circle Prints have a 1/4 inch margin.

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Looking for a little different hair or eye color? Choose an Embellished Print to personalize eye color and/or hair color accents or Contact Katie if you can't find what you are looking for. 


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All prints are created from original Katie m. Berggren paintings.


Messages for the images in this listing:

UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Never far, not forgotten, a visit to deposit a sweet kiss on mama's nose. Some of us can only experience these together moments in our dreams, visiting with angel children and winged babies, and my heart and condolences go out to those bereaved mothers who have lost their sweet ones ❤ ❤ every day I think of you…

A SAFE PLACE TO FLOURISH: Soon to be welcomed, soon to join us Earth-side, but currently flourishing in a world of comfort, warmth, and mama's heartbeat.

FALLING FOR SPRING: Swooping whimsy, a dance to welcome Spring with the baby held tight.

GROWING WILD: While creating this piece, I knew something was missing, calling to me. The child tucked in closer, the mother felt more peace... and then I realized: warm-toned swimming friends were missing. Now they are here for fellowship, and to kiss at mama mermaid's face.

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE: With the light shining through a golden window, we feel the warmth together, practically as one.

LOVE HELD HIGH: The mother and the winged child – connecting, close by, spreading magic and love onto mama. This piece can make some folks uncomfortable, the whole idea of looking at a child who has moved on from mama’s arms – but for the mothers who need this imagery, I am honored to share. I’m honored to provide a visual for what your heart desires. Always in your heart, always on your mind. On beautiful wings, on the edges of dreams. ❤️ With sympathy for a bereaved mother who has lost an angel baby. A caring and thoughtful part of a memorial gift basket, a soothing gift to soothe a soul.

OUTPOURING: From my heart to yours, with tenderness to hold you close near churning waves. Mama Moon pulls the tides (and all good things) toward her child, and her love is outpouring.

RESPOND WITH LOVE: Cool crystal eyes peering from a bundle of warmth. Swaying in the sunshine and re-soothing after a fretful moment.

SOUL COMFORT: Deep and Earthy, dependable like a mountain, soft as tree boughs in Spring.

BABY MOON: Baby Moon rests in the warmth of mama's sunshine.

CORE & SPIRIT: Strong in spirit, with just the right about of whimsy and ability to connect with free spirited children.

CHERISHED: A most cherished one, held close and warm, but with a personality that shines through.

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