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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 17 options of Mother and her dear child. These are some of my most-loved art pieces, together in one place for you to browse through. Which pieces take you back to tender moments of snuggles, moments of pure alignment with the people who matter most to you?

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Messages for the images in this listing:

ENDEARING: A Mindful Mothering Project painting had me in love with eye & forehead contact, so I pulled out a small canvas and kept playing.

NOTHING COMPARES: Absolutely nothing compares to the love a mother has for her child. A brown haired mother with her baby close to her chest in a sling, an infant at home. A precious gift for mom and a welcome gift for baby.

SWOON: Do you so totally know this feeling? Oh man, I do, too. One of my classic mother and child paintings, one of my favorite paintings of mother and child. A whimsical loving portrait of a toddler and their mother.

GOLDEN SILENCE: Golden Silence… their faces and the sweet golden glow of bedtime: The moment when the little one finally drifts off and we let go for the night (to go get stuff done, of course). It's finally bedtime for the children, and even though we ache to accomplish, we still check in... over and over... to see that sleeping cherub face.

THE PULL OF YOUR HEART: Undeniable and magnificent, the way you charm with those sparkly eyes. A red haired mother with her red haired child, with bright eyes that seek excitement and adventure, journeying through the day, but also being pulled back into mama's arms. Mother is a safe place to take a moment.

ECHOES ON THE WIND: The Here & Now Collection - released October 2020 - My intention behind this collection is not that we are rising from the ashes, though as humans we must. My intention is more about letting go. About reinventing ourselves and moving onward, not dwelling on past pains and troubles, and leaving the past in ashes. Carrying the fire forward to ignite our next moments.

APPRECIATE DEEPLY: Truly BEING in one small moment, surrounded by movement and life passing by. Holding on to this fragment of time and touch, knowing that in seconds things will have changed.

IN A PERFECT WORLD: This piece had me by the heart-strings, deep into the night. Embellishing and fussing-about on her surface textures and flowers made me feel so happy. So much love and cozy intention is infused into this sleeping mother and daughter duo ~ may it seep out all through your home ;)

SONG IN MY SOUL: The song is on the radio as we dance around the living room, it’s true, but the real pull of freedom and glee comes from the song in my soul. A nude dancing mother cradling her sweet baby skin to skin, baby dance that brings stillness and calm when the bustle of life demands a quiet moment.

ONENESS: A moment of total connection and peace. 

ELEMENTAL: Elemental began as a study for a new painting titled Deep As A River, and has allowed me to experiment with warm and cool tones. This painting was inspired by the encompassing beautiful nature I experienced with my family at Silver Falls (Silverton, OR), and the peace that followed the whole weekend. From an unusual fern, to the blue of the sky between rain clouds...

BORN IN MY HEART: This little one’s eyes came to me during meditation – and the rest of the painting very quickly followed. I put it all together in my mind and was literally shaking with excitement to get to the studio to create her. In this painting, the butterfly was a surprise, and the child’s little hand and pointy finger, made me right away think of Buddha. Which was a treasured turn of events for me. There is a richness I sought with this piece – delicate clarity with just the right amount of sweetness without being too cutesy. I think I got there. Do you?

TO THE CORE: The bright light in the child's eyes... she knows she's precious and loved, to the core ♥

SILENT: This moment feels like pure innocence to me. The child instinctively reaching toward mama, and mama making room for him to get ever closer.

INNOCENT ATTACHMENT: Wide eyed and ready to experience life. Thank goodness for the safety of mama's arms.

GENTLE REVERIE: The warmest softest moment, when the little one is finally asleep. 

QUITE POSSIBLY A DREAM: A moment so beautiful, a warmth so complete, a kindness so fresh... can this really be my life?

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