Deep Spirit - Stargazer Lily Mama & Child Art Print

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Message from the Artist: A new print from the Thrive Collection.

The Stargazer Lily symbolizes wealth and prosperity, with elements of purity and sympathy. I have these bulbs in my yard and am, each year, in awe at the strength of their stalks and the majesty of their flowers.

In this painting, Deep Spirit, the child has a majestic spirit all their own, with eyes of awe and a heart of pure sweetness. The mother gives her all, to create a world for this child and to be available despite the blues.


The Thrive Collection. Flourishing despite circumstances, because Spring is a season of intoxicating hope and we are destined to THRIVE. We will push from the soil and reach toward the sky, as we ache for sun and breeze after being tucked away.

Soon is a time for becoming something new – a new version of ourselves. With stronger stalks and more fragrant blossoms. With more texture and layers of meaning that unfold without apology, as we seek to discover new directions.

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