You May Say I’m A Dreamer & Home

Just because a piece is hung doesn’t necessarily mean it is completely done I reserve the right to add TLC to my paintings for as long as they are in my care

I picked up a painting from the beautiful gallery Love Art! Gallery in Portland Oregon last week, in order to prepare it for showing at The Uncommon Gift in Camas, Washington next week.

When I looked at the painting again after being away from it for several weeks, I realized that it needed some warming up!

Another afternoon in the studio with You May Say I’m A Dreamer (left) and it is now as warm and cozy and I intended it to be

A second painting, Home, is well underway in my studio right now (as my little one sleeps peacefully in my bed). Here are my thoughts behind this painting:

The first cassette tape I owned was Billy Joel’s – Innocent Man – ah, I loved him. I still have that tape and have ever since I was a little girl. It’s beat up and dusty and I don’t even own a cassett player!

Bily Joel’s (older) music has always moved me and several seem to be written just for me.

One in particluar (playing as I write this), “Your My Home” contains a message that speaks to my heart.

“… when you touch my weary head
and you tell me everything will be all right
You say use my body for your bed
and my love will keep you warm throughout the night

well I’ll never be a stranger
and I’ll never be alone
wherever we’re together
that’s my home…”

Home is based on a recent 8×8 titled Time In – Time In was actually a study for Home, and I realize there are also influences of Linger, an earlier painting, showing up here.

Lately, I have had some trouble with focusing on all that is required of me and have found myself falling back into multi-tasking, which I believe helps me to achieve half of a lot of tasks, versus completely fulfilling one or two.

I realize that I’m not keeping promises to myself as I should be – and I’m trying to change that – especially in regard to the actions that in my soul I know are best for me, like sleep!

Any other work at home mothers feeling the same?

Please have an inspired week, and a special thank you to Kristin, who is the Free Cards Friday winner from last week!

Love & Sincerely,

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