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*** UPDATE! I have decided that your purchase amount of $5 Raffle Tickets can be used toward any item in my shop, if you do not win the raffle. I will email your gift certificate on Monday night after the raffle winner has been chosen. It will be valid for 1 week. Thanks! **


You might remember that The Memories Collection of 16 new paintings releases next Tuesday at 10am PST.

BUT STARTING NOW, you have an incredible opportunity to WIN one of the original 12x16 inch paintings in the collection!


Purchase as many $5 raffle tickets as you like to increase your odds of winning, and each ticket will be an entry to win the beautiful hand-made original painting shown below. Get your tickets here.

Don’t miss the bonuses, they take the risk out of buying tickets!

►►BONUS #1 ~ If you do not win the raffle, the money that you spend on raffle tickets can be used toward the purchase of another item in my shop, including an original painting in The Memories Collection. I will email your discount code equal to your raffle ticket spend, on Monday night (PST), and it will be valid for 1 week.

►►BONUS #2 ~ Everyone who purchases a raffle ticket will be given a 1-hour early shopping pass (9am PST) for The Memories Collection release on Tuesday, August 9.


Here is the original painting that will be raffled off:




The Memories Collection 

Smooth aside the present moment from your mind’s eye and see these flashes of life, woven into the tapestry that has made us who we are. Threads of love, minutes of patience, glimpses of trust and connection. Whirlwinds of color and skin and hair, gooey smiles and adoring eyes.

How we experience and traverse life may differ, but don’t we all crave moments and memories of someone loving us and of those we love?

These glimpses move in and out from the shadows, reminding us to slow down and feel the present. Some Memories paintings show two scenes, months or years apart, and some celebrate two instances from the same moment.
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Let me know if you have ANY questions!
Thank you,

Sincerely, Katie
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