Katie m. Berggren beach-colored mother and child original paintings

Whispered Dream & To See You Better ~ Affiliate Program

I want to show you these two sweet and full-of-light paintings - these original paintings on canvas are available separately, but let me know if you'd like them both <3 What to give mom on Mother's Day? These are the start of a beautiful new collection for a special mother on Mother's Day!

Or a heart-warming addition to your existing collection. For me, because of their colors, they bring the beach right to me! And OH I MISS the beach!!! Find these two beachy paintings on canvas here.

mother and child beach colored paintings by Katie m. Berggren



I have a Collector Referral Program now! $5 for you, $5 for your friend(s) ❤


If you create a free account in my online art shop, you will automatically earn rewards for your purchases AND NOW you can sign into your REWARDS dashboard (the purple bubble lower, left of your screen) and get your AFFILIATE link!!

When your friend makes a purchase from that link, they will automatically get $5 off their first purchase… AND… YOU will get a $5 coupon sent to you!


Grab your unique referral link from your Rewards Dashboard in the shop once you have made your account and start getting rewards for buying artwork gifts.


I love sharing things that have made my life better with people I care about. And who doesn’t love a coupon? You are also supporting a small mama-owned business AND reminding your friends that they are doing a GREAT job!

Let me know if you have any questions – this is a new program, so if there are kinks, I’ll work them out for you.


Thank you for everything, I always appreciate my incredible collectors, your kind words, purchases and shares.

Sincerely, Katie



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