mother of an angel, mother two children and angel baby, angel brother, angel sister

What Keeps You Going? ♥ Holiday Coupon

This has been a *special-type-of-year* for small businesses and families alike, hasn't it? And though I appreciate the challenge as a business owner of 20 years, and I whole-heartedly appreciate my collectors, buyers and wonderfully communicative people… I will say it’s been… interesting :)


I hope you are sensing your own inner growth as we come near the end of another year. We've learned and managed a lot, and we are still here. What do you hold onto that keeps you trusting and loving?


Here is what keeps me going on the path as a solo artist:

~Falling into the photos of my collectors' families as I create custom paintings for them, appreciating each adorable face and knowing that books worth of stories are woven into the fabric of each collection of loved ones.


~Putting pen to paper and just DRAWING.


~Stepping up to the easel with brush in hand, an idea in head and a flutter in heart… “something good MIGHT just happen on this blank canvas”. Here's an upcoming piece in her very first stage on canvas:


~Believing that we are all trying to do our best in the world. Humans have different beliefs, motivations, and callings, but I like to believe that good intentions abound.


~Remembering that we are each and all SO SMALL in the big scheme of things. We hold anger, resentment, worry, regret… and maybe we shouldn’t. Or maybe we should, just for less time. I’m 100% guilty of this, of letting something eat away at my insides, from the brain outward.


~Each year at this time I give you a special discount code to save you some money on holiday gift orders of motherhood art, calendars, pendants, books… and here is yours, a week before everyone else sees it. Use code THANKS for 15% off any order in my Online Studio Shop, for a limited time.





~The Holiday Pendant Special is Still Happening: Select glass art pendants are $23 each (regularly $32). Just comment SOLD on the one you want.


~I’ve adopted a houseless family again this year, so every order you place in my shop will assist me in giving them warm clothes, toiletries, necessities AND personal interest items. Let me know if you'd like to help further by donating items.


Have a lovely week's end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie


(Poised In Peace is a new piece completed in the studio! ♥)

mother of an angel, mother two children and angel baby, angel brother, angel sister

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