Warm Sweetness & The Hope Effect

Warm Sweetness & The Hope Effect

The Painting On Purpose painting is moving forward beautifully. She has such a warm and soft sweetness about her. I’m actually trying not to finish her too early! And am working on another piece for the WellBeing Collection at the same time.

 What shall her name be, do you think?

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The Painting On Purpose painting will be released on February 6th (my grandma's 101st birthday) via email, but there is a chance that a collector might snag her early, and that is okay. Think she might be for you? Reach out to me in advance to request a pre-view of her when she is complete.


►When she has sold, all of the money from the sale of the painting ($998) will go straight to The Hope Effect.


The second installment of the WellBeing Collection will be released on Thursday, February 8th. I’m SO excited to show you the new array of pieces! 😊


Why I chose The Hope Effect for the 10th Annual Painting On Purpose:

The Hope Effect is working to bring vulnerable orphaned children into loving families, reducing the need for institutional care, around the world. Below is a message from their website.


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There are millions of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide, with an estimated 2.7 million of them living in orphanages. However, there is clear and compelling research on the damaging physical and psychological effects of traditional, institutional orphan care. 


When children do not receive adequate personal interaction within a loving environment, development is stunted and learning abilities are delayed or lost. Many kids age out only to face a future of crime, prostitution, or trafficking.


In fact, studies show that children who grow up in institutional care are:

  • 10x more likely to fall into sex work
  • 40x more likely to have a criminal record
  • 500x more likely to commit suicide

We know there is a better way. We know every child deserves a family.


Here are some ways YOU can help! https://www.hopeeffect.com/volunteer and https://www.hopeeffect.com/donation-page



The PURPOSE for Painting On Purpose is to give ALL of the money from the sale of an original painting, each year, to an organization that benefits mothers and/or children. So far, $7,216.00 has been given from the sale of NINE original paintings (9 years!), in honor of my grandma ♥ (see the previous 9 paintings and organizations)



Thank you for reading. I wish you a wonderful week's end.

Always reach out if you have any questions or ideas to share ♥

Stay connected, remember that you matter. 

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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