Walk On Water ~ This Week’s New 10×10 Original ~ New Print Size Coming Soon

Walk On Water is this week’s new painting for The Forty Minis Collection

Walk On Water
Acrylic on Canvas
#36 of 40 10x10s

©2010. KmBerggren

Message from the Artist:

I have a love/fear relationship with water, especially natural bodies of water…
In 2007, I was with my brother, on a small island within Åland, Finland. The atomosphere, the surroundings, the weather and the people created an all-points meaningful experience. We went in the sauna at midnight, half naked with friends, then walked barefoot through the grass and gravel to the Baltic Sea where we slid into the fresh cold water. Refreshed and tingling, I had an amazing time with my brother and his friends. That night I knew I would someday create a painting titled Walk On Water. Since then, I have tried to remember the feelings and images and compose a painting to honor these moments. My brother and I.

This new painting features a mother and child in the water and brings me to the intense feelings of pretector that I feel when I am in the water with my boys ~ this began as a bathers painting, then quickly expanded and began, for me, to relate to the mystery and magic of that sauna night. I allowed this painting to take the name I’d been saving. For this painting, from the beginning, I knew I wanted water and I knew I wanted the child’s face close to the mother’s breast, other than that, they led me to where they are today.

You can grab a print of Walk On Water (the original has sold) in the Online Etsy shop!

New Print Size Coming Soon
After many requests, I have decided to offer 13×19 prints ~ starting soon. These are printed with archival inks on premium matte paper with a lightfastness rating of 150 years – they will ship in an acid-free sleeve and a triangular shipping tube for extra protection. These prints will start out at $54 and feature most any painting, and will be a wonderful way to capture a painting whose original has sold. Thank you for your support!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny
matters compared to what lies within us.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have a great day!
Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

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