Visual Inspiration ~ Beauty in Everyday Life ~ Sweden Market Video

My boys and I had a blast today reorganizing the kitchen, finding just the right place to store our nuts and snacks where they would be easy to access, and less likely to spill, disappear and be forgotten about in some faraway cupboard. We do not have a large kitchen, but we have some poorly-used, near empty spaces (I’m a hopeless non-clutter type).

When I found myself staring proudly into the cupboard once we had finished, and then later showing my husband, I realized that this is all art to me! Two little boys helping in the kitchen, eager to clean dishes and sort nuts and stack boxes is beauty in itself, but the rhythmic, colorful arrangement of items has always grabbed my eye. Even back to the early days when I wanted to be a designer and artist so I could create food labels.

Some would think I’m crazy to photograph my cupboard, but my boys and I were proud of our healthy snack display. And seeing this image made me realize I wanted to share it with you… the beauty in everyday life.

And, going right along with that, I want to show you one of the videos I took while in Sweden (I took 300 short snippet videos from March 1-5 alone!). This video was extremely enjoyable to film as I found the bottles and cans, stacked foods and packages as enticing visual ignition for my creative eye. Rhythm, shape, order, color, pattern, line and form….

Now, I’m a vegetarian, and much of this video was hard for me to take (both “take” on the spot and “take” after watching it at home!).

I did NOT find the meat clips beautiful, they turned my stomach and gave me the willies.

But I like honest reality, as well. So I am warning you… never before have I seen so many non-enticing (in my opinion) bits of meat. Yes, that is kangaroo, crocodile and cow tongue that you see in there. As well as lamb, bear sausage, rabbit, elk and a variety of innards and sea creatures. Yikes!

Have a nice trip to the indoor market in Stockholm! And I hope you can find the beauty in your everyday life!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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