Venturing & Vitality… Mermaids! & 46 New Art Card Styles

This week on Facebook I’ve been sharing the progress of two 4×12” original paintings ~ Venturing & Vitality. They sprouted from a couple of rough weeks for me… unexplainable forces were pulling me down and making the ‘swim-UP’ feel very difficult. It was as though my vitality had slipped away. We, as moms, all go there from time to time: feelings of dreariness and discontent…

I had a moment of light, though, and pulled out two 4×12” canvases… these paintings helped get me on track amidst confusion, and I couldn’t help but wonder (as I believe there is usually something to learn…) ~ perhaps the reason for my sink was so that I could surface onto a new unexplored shore…

I hope to be always open to renewal and reinvention when it comes to my art, and I’m not sure what’s next, but a new little path has opened in my maze… thus, I shall venture forward. A little brightly colored string was dropped in front of my nose, so I’m grabbing hold and letting it lead me little by little.

Venturing and Vitality were completed this week, and both of these little sister-paintings have sold ~ Venturing has headed to Texas and Vitality to Arizona. But they will always be connected they are sisters, after all!


4×12” paintings don’t make the best prints, because of their odd size, but I am offering a 12×12″ archival print featuring both of these deep and textured paintings, side by side. Get your 12×12″ print of Venturing & Vitality here. May they always remind you to venture even when your vitality is hiding.


This 12×12″ print is created from 2 original KmBerggren paintings, placed side-by-side on one 12×12″ sheet of heavyweight, acid-free paper. Each image is approximately 3.65″ x 10 7/8″. Archival paper prints are created for durability and long life. They are expected to last a lifetime. This 12×12” prints fit perfectly into a standard-sized 12×12″ frame, no matting necessary.


Do you LOVE the free frame-able 5×7″ artsy cards that you receive in your packages from me? Every order receives at least 1 card ~ AND, you can purchase these cards in boxes of 10 (I have 46 new styles!) right here. You can HAND-PICK your 10 cards for your set, or let me choose a lovely variety pack for you




Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie



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