Today at 4pm PST ~ Virtual Art Opening

The Next Virtual Art Opening is TODAY at 4pm PST

Join here for this Free, Online Event:

All original paintings purchased during the Virtual Art Opening tomorrow, will include a free 8×10 print of your choice, too!

Stay at home with the kids for this event ~ You just have to be at your computer.

As a painter, I enjoy HAVING art openings and inviting all those who love to come and see art on display and hang out with other art-lovers (and eat snacks and drink wine or cider)… BUT, I imagine that the mamas who enjoy my paintings would rather be at home enjoying time with their families.

The Virtual Art Opening will allow you to be the first to see brand new just-released paintings ~ without leaving the comfort of your home!

I have several BRAND NEW Mother & Child mini paintings to share today, from 4-5pm PST ~ AS WELL as a few currently available pieces.

Paintings for the VAO Dec 4

We have a lot of fun at these events, so I hope to *see* you there!!

Do This:

Come to the Facebook Page: TODAY at 4pm PST!

a new piece to be released at the VAO
Enamor in process

Can’t make it? No sweat ~ come on over anytime after the show and you can see the pieces released, the comments and messages, and all that went on. You’ll even see the paintings that remain available for purchase.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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