The Thrive Collection - brand new paintings

The Thrive Collection - brand new paintings

I was going to wait 'til March, but let’s bring Spring early!

January 12 is Release Day for the first paintings in a new collection of work that I am calling The THRIVE Collection. I will send you an email at release time, which is 11am PST. The paintings will be released right here (in my NEW shop, yay!).

9-10 brand new original paintings… and here is how they feel:

Flourishing despite circumstances, because Spring is a season of intoxicating hope and we are destined to THRIVE. We will push from the soil and reach toward the sky, as we ache for sun and breeze after being tucked away.

Soon is a time for becoming something new – a new version of ourselves. With stronger stalks and more fragrant blossoms. With more texture and layers of meaning that unfold without apology, as we seek to discover new directions.

From dark into light we will go, taking our children along with us. Proving that buds stagnated can eventually bloom. Our flowers may be a big dingy, a bit starved for light, but they are holding strong. Holding out hope.

 At our fleshy centers, our cores, we believe. We will let inflammation and pain slip away, heaviness will fall from our shoulders and joints. Light is coming.

If flowers are the enlightenment of plants (E. Tolle), then we can marvel at a fresh bloom and know that there is promise for us as well. Infinite promise.

While working on these paintings I was stripping away old fears and hurts, moving forward without worry of what others will interpret.

It felt as though I was blooming where I am planted, in soil fertilized by my choices, my troubles, my beautiful fellows, and chocolate. Watered by tears of laughter and heartache, with large doses of hope and tea.

I am legit pouring myself into this Collection (it is not over yet). Painting each day until I’ve run dry or have just enough juice in me to kick start the next day’s work. Thinking only of their skin and their petals, their depth, richness of colors, and texture.

Do you have a favorite flower that you'd like to see in an upcoming Thrive Collection painting? Do you wonder what makes a great gift for mom? Help her to start a collection of meaningful artwork that warms her heart - or add to her existing art collection!

Choose artwork for mom on canvas or paper, and give her a meaningful gift that will last a lifetime.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the Painting Release on Tuesday, January 12 at 11am PST.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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