The New Shop is ready for Mother’s Day

KmBerggren New Online Shop

KmBerggren New Online Shop


The brand new (and much improved!) Online Studio Shop is open and we best not forget about Mother’s Day!

Here is what’s better about the new shop:

  • you can search via title, subject, hair color, eye color, number of children. Use the search box, or choose a category for family size
  • you will see MORE OPTIONS for stretched canvas prints (these have become the darlings of the shop ~ everyone loves them, not just me!!)
  • super easy to checkout, one page, no hassle ~ major credit cards accepted, as well as paypal
  • many items have smaller shipping costs
  • the new shop is clean and less cluttered ~ go there, get what you need, get out QUICKLY and I’ll take care of the rest!
  • Also, you can sit on the home page and press REFRESH over and over and see lots of featured items quickly ~ see what catches your eye!

let me know if you have ANY questions! And please plan ahead for Mother’s Day ~ for your sake, my sake and Mother’s sake

Need an idea for Mom?

• There are a select few Original One-Of-A-Kind Paintings on canvas ~ perfectly exclusive for mom. There is only one original of each painting and SHE will have it

Want a print instead?

• Find intimate mother and child prints featuring a mama nurturing her one child

• Find prints that celebrate the mother with two children!

• Does mom have at least three children? You’ll want to shop here for images of mothers with 3+ kiddos

All 8×10″ and 12×12″ paper prints pop directly into an off-the-shelf frame from the grocery or art & frame shop. Super simple. Stretched Canvas Prints do not even need a frame, they arrive ready-to-hang!


Partial To Butterflies, 12x12" print by Katie m. Berggren

Partial To Butterflies, 12×12″ print by Katie m. Berggren


Linger, 11x14" Stretched Canvas Print by Katie m. Berggren

Linger, 11×14″ Stretched Canvas Print by Katie m. Berggren


Let me know if you need advice, information or ideas, I’m here! Email me. I’m happy to help.

Or call me at 360.213.7879 ~ we can take care of your whole order over the phone.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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