The Mindful Mothering Project Paintings ~ Get Prints ~ Photo 3 Chosen!

The Mindful Mothering Project… inspired by You!

In general, I find myself inundated with natural instances of inspiration, and more than anything I’m aching for time to get them all down on paper or canvas before they flit away…

However… I recently had an inspiration to involve you ~ my community of loving mothers and women, fathers and friends, followers and motivators. I asked my community to submit their Mindful Mothering photos ~ however you define Mindful Mothering in your life. And I have completed two intimate and beautiful paintings inspired by those photos. And I have just chosen the third photo!

Simple Gifts by Katie m. Berggren

Strong & New by Katie m. Berggren

I have just chosen the third photo, to inspire the third intimate motherhood painting ~ a photo submitted by Sarah.

photo submitted by Sarah for the Mindful Mothering Project

Denae and Chelcea have received FREE archival 12×12 prints of the paintings inspired by their photos (and so will Sarah) ~ and both completed Original Paintings SOLD within just a few hours of being released. I am honored.

Grab YOUR 12×12 Print of Simple Gifts
and/or Strong & New!


Wanna Submit YOUR Photo?

 Submit your Photo(s) of Gentle, Mindful Mothering ~ however you find meaning in the words Gentle and Mindful ~ is it breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, kissing, walking together? Share your moments and swirl your beauty into the fertile soil from which the Intimate Moments of Motherhood paintings sprout.


The Inside Scoop!
[In actuality, when I have photos to be inspired by, I look at the photos for the first 10 minutes, set them aside and then see what blossoms onto the canvas! I have no intentions or desires for photo-likeness, just a heart-felt representation of emotion and closeness.]


If you’d like to get involved, here is what to do:

1) Save your favorite photo(s) with YOUR name as the title of the image (this is important so I can keep track of who sent what).
2) Email your photo to

3) Add the understanding that by sending me a photo or photos, you agree to let me be inspired by your image, and you agree that the design and copyright of the painting in its process and finished forms remains with the artist (that’s me!). But you can certainly brag to your friends by sending them over to the Facebook Fan Page to watch the process!

 4) Agree that if your photo is chosen, you will be honored as I delight in sharing your lovely photo (and your first name) with my Facebook and Painting Motherhood blog Communities, as well as revealing process images as your photo inspires a painted canvas…


What’s In It For You?

If your Gentle, Mindful Mothering Photo does indeed inspire a painting for the Mindful Mothering Project ~ wooohooo! ~ YOU get a free 12×12 print of the finished painting ~ RAD!

Have questions? I’m here, just let me know what they are.

Thank you for your consideration,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren
Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood

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