The Look Of Love ♥

The Look Of Love ♥

Can you picture it? The look of love... the way a mother looks at her child, her soft eyes glowing, a small smile on her lips, silent contentedness…


A few years ago, I saw this look on my grandma’s face, she was 94 years old, standing on my porch, and she was looking at ME. I saw it again a couple months later. Funny I hadn’t noticed it all these years, before then. Here she is looking at my mom, with her 95th birthday flowers ♥



She wasn’t a touchy-feeling grandma. She grew up in the 20’s & 30’s, and had some challenging life events, of course. 


But she definitely loved her family in her own special way, and that day on the porch when I caught that glimpse of her glimpsing me with pure joy and love in her face… I really FELT it. She didn’t know that I saw her glowing eyes and beautiful partial smile. I truly felt loved in that moment. Special.


I feel myself looking at my sons this way. I sure hope they feel it.


Over a year later, at my grandmother’s funeral, I spoke about this look of love that I caught on her face, and about how she loved us through food and comfort and treats. I said that I want the people I love to see me looking at them this way, and FEEL that love glowing off of me. I also bawled, of course.


The way our face looks when we are looking at those we love, MATTERS

The way our face looks when our child or partner enters the room… MATTERS


The way we listen matters. Let’s be sure we are listening.



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Final Tidbit: 

I've assembled a heartfelt keepsake set for October, which marks National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. A percentage of each set through October, benefits Baby Steps Foundation.



I hope your week's end is pleasant ♥

Love & Sincerely, Katie


Below: Your Home Is My Heart ~ a brand new original 10x10 inch painting on deep canvas, completed Wednesday. The original has sold, but prints are available!


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