The Great Studio Re-Do ~ Before & After… Phew!


I realize that over the past year I have been so busy working and painting, that I have neglected the aesthetic quality of my studio. Deep inside I ached for new furnishings and a new look, but never seemed to want to put the money down (for fear of making a mistake ~ I’m not a big shopper, nor an interior designer). I shopped at IKEA and browsed online, but could never find the perfect set-up.

When I would walk into my studio, I would feel an overwhelming overwhelm (!) and would just go straight to the painting area ignoring all else. The packaging and shipping process was fairly smooth, but I knew it could be smoother.

The children’s area drove me completely crazy ~ and this photo (above was taken half-way through the re-do process, in August 2010) previously the boys had a three-drawer plastic bin holding their Might Come In Handy supplies, and it was transparent (get the picture? MESS). I could hardly stand it. The basket under the kids craft table is now our Might Come In Handy box.

I needed some more shelves for products, in order to keep prints and cards protected from children and dust. I was vacuuming my studio at least once, if not twice a day (and may still) to keep it as clean as possible. The studio is the place where prints are printed, orders are packaged and gratitude and love is shipped off.

In the past month I have purchased another high-end printer in order to create larger archival prints, and also (with the prodding of a good friend, and the urge to “de-post office” my boys) became fully capable of shipping at home.

THREE CHEERS! This is a wonderful development.

These new additions to my business called out for a completion of the studio.

I knew the studio needed help, but couldn’t make the time. SO, over the past week, and with a giant push this last weekend, I neglected all of my paintings and my clients (sorry, it had to be done) and put the studio right. Right where it needed to be. I desired my studio to feel as successful as I felt (to put it honestly).


I like to call this The Great Studio Re-Do, and I did it all for well under 100 bucks.

I refinished my desk (above) ~ I considered purchasing a new one, but relish the idea that my stepfather built this one for me 19 years ago.

(now you see the packaging and shipping department

This project involved stripping and painting a lovely new (old) drop-leaf tea table I purchased at a second-hand store (see above), and sanding and re-staining the kids’ craft table top (see below). Sanding off a year’s worth of dried paint blobs really reminded me of my shoulder muscles!

Of course, the painting area is still a mess, but that is required for creativity! At least it is an organized mess.

I share these images because I know a lot of folks are like me we love to see before and afters ~ and I LOVE to see progress. So, enjoy and don’t mind my embarrassment, as I know the “before” photos are a bit lacking in creativity Thank you for sharing in my accomplishment.

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

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