The Good List (& For Always)

Like tracing from an image onto paper (then retracing from the traced image) or playing “telephone” with a group of friends, our original intentions sometimes get twisted and malformed over time. We lose our center, we lose our path, we lose some good things that work for us, and we may not even realize they are gone until we are way out of whack…

What if we wrote ourselves a Good List ~ a list of habits that bring us back to ourselves, activities and routines that we should begin again (to feel good again) when we’ve traveled mentally too far onto the back roads…

What would be on YOUR Good List? Think about it. Maybe write it down or at least plan to at some point


My Good List includes:

o Hot baths with ginger and epsom salt

o Taking a few moments to feel grateful and say Thank You for the gifts in my life

o Coconut oil: on the body & in the body

o Low low sugar in my diet

o Tea with lemon

o Getting enough sleep

o Reading a good book to my boys while they eat ice cream cones

o Just stopping everything and starting a brand new painting for no particular reason or client

o Painting some more…

o and then, paint even more…

(painting always heals me, ‘specially when paired with silence ~ or music here & there)

And here is a painting I just finished THIS week ~ her name is For Always, and she is inspired by Erich Fromm’s quote:

“The real achievement of motherly love lies not in the mother’s love for the small infant, but in her love for the growing child”


At the time of this writing, For Always is an available painting: 24×36″ in size, for $1320 USD. Let me know if you’d like further details on her <3

Anyway, I hope that gives YOU a little inspiration

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Have a GREAT day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren

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