The Earth & Spirit Collection - Friday


I’m cooking up the Earth & Spirit Collection

Feeling the rumblings of a free spirit after creating 85 Silent Story paintings for the new book... I set up canvases with an idea to paint light airy colors... and then saw deep earthy pieces emerge on the easel.


They feel like Earth & Spirit and I'm going to release the first half of the collection, starting TOMORROW (Friday)!

Starting Friday, I'll release 2 paintings each day for 5 days. My private Facebook Community Group is going to get the first chance at them, and then I'll release them to the rest of the world.


Each painting is $266 plus shipping and 20% of each painting price will be donated to the buyer’s choice of charitable organization. Benefitting others is good for the Earth AND the Spirit.

Here is a sampling of 4 of the 10.


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Last week I offered a few advance ebook copies of A Silent Story, here is some of the feedback. Thank you for helping make this passion project a reality.


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Let me know if you have any questions and THANK YOU again!

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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