The Birth Story of Milk & Honey

The Birth Story of Milk & Honey

So much goes into the conceptualization and creation of an original painting, that it seems a shame to not share their stories. Sometimes I share them in the form of Birth Stories... it seems fitting :) Today, I'd like to share with you the Birth Story of Milk & Honey, she sprouted sweetly from a seed planted by Erich Fromm.



I adore this statement by Erich Fromm:

...Milk is the symbol of the first aspect of love, that of care and affirmation. Honey symbolizes the sweetness of life, the love for it and the happiness in being alive. Most mothers are capable of giving "milk", but only a minority of giving "honey" too. In order to be able to give honey, a mother must not only be a "good mother", but a happy person - and this aim is not achieved by many. The effect on the child can hardly be exaggerated. Mother's love for life is as infectious as her anxiety is. Both attitudes have a deep effect on the child's whole personality; one can distinguish indeed, among children - and adults - those who got only "milk" and those who got "milk AND honey". 
- Erich Fromm, American Psychoanalyst, 1900-1980


NOTE: what really is a "good mother"? I'm sure Fromm's definition may differ from yours and mine.

I was intensely inspired by the above quote before creating Milk & Honey. The child in this painting is well-loved, comfortable, pink in the face from play and affection. The mother: not only does she love the dickens out of her child, but she is also pursuing that which makes her a happy person. In this situation, the little bird represents that little gem inside the mother, her true calling, her desire for growing her own soul separate of anyone else's.


Is it a craft? A goal? A small business? A new career path? A new hobby? A new love? A new self-discovery?



Wanna Spread Love Around? Forward this email to two mama friends to share Milk & Honey's story & the value of finding what it is that makes us happy, outside of being a mother ~ thank you :)



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